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    ATD Data Notes, written by JBL Associates, is a bimonthly newsletter that presents data from Achieving the Dream's National Database. Each issue focuses on a topic related to student outcomes at the Achieving the Dream colleges. To find out the latest happenings in Achieving the Dream network of Colleges, visit ATD Latest News.

    DREAM 2016
    2016 ATD annual conference on Student Success was held in Atlanta, Georgia from Feb 23-26. This flagship event brought together over 1,900 influential policy-makers, investors, thought-leaders, and practitioners from more than 200 colleges throughout 34 states and the District of Columbia, who are dedicated to addressing one of our nation’s most urgent challenges: helping more community college students succeed. Similar to previous years, Triton College sent a small group to the conference in order to learn best practices from other colleges.

      This year's conference session themes were based on Achieving the Dream's Institutional Capacity Framework, a foundational part of the institutional improvement model, identified by seven areas in which colleges need sufficient capacity to develop a student-focused culture that fosters overall systemic transformation.

    1. Leadership & Vision
    2.   Data & Technology
    3.   Equity
    4. Teaching & Learning
    5.   Engagement & Communication
    6. Strategy & Planning
    7.  Policies & Practices

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