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    Data Notes:

     Data Notes, written by JBL Associates, is a bimonthly newsletter that presents data from Achieving the Dream's National Database. Each issue focuses on a topic related to student outcomes at the Achieving the Dream colleges. There is a great deal of breaking research and new reports in the higher education reform space, and Achieving the Dream staff recommend the following as a short list of must-reads in 2012. These publications, all produced within the last 12 months, feature some of the most up-to-date research concerning community college student success and completion. 

      Late Registration Task Force: This task force was established as part of our College Readiness student success initiative. 

    • Purpose: The goals of the Late Registration Task Force are to define late registration at Triton College; to explore the impact of ending late registration on college policies, procedures, and enrollment; and to identify steps involved in successfully implementing a late registration policy. 
    • Co-Chairs: Shelley Tiwari, Mathematics Faculty; Dr. Amanda Turner, Dean of Enrollment Services
    • Membership:  Sonia Artola, Sandra Berryhill, Sherry Burlingame, Christine Dewey, Jean Dugo, Cynthia Harris, William Justiz, Gail Krahenbuhl, Jackie Mullaney, Peggy Murnighan, Jackie Werner, Corey Williams, Pat Zinga

     Mandatory Placement Task Force: This task force was established as part of the College Readiness student success initiative.

    • Purpose: To form a recommendation "to institute or not to institute" a Mandatory Placement Policy and, if so, the steps necessary for the implementation.
    • Co-Chairs: Julie Gilbert, Accounting Faculty;  Ric Segovia, Interim Dean Arts & Sciences
    • Membership: Sujith Zachariah, Dr. Virginia A. Cabasa-Hess, Marie-ange Zicher, Robert Greenwald, Sherry Burlingame, Magalene Sudduth, Deborah M. Hauck Ford, Jennifer Kumi Burkett, Emmanuel Esperanza, Dr. Deborah Baness King, Susan Collins
     The recommendations from both the task forces were submitted to the V.P of Academic and Student Affairs for his review. The placement task force recommendations have been accepted by the V.P, while the late registration task force recommendations have been put on hold for a while since further discussions need to happen in relation to the impact this would have on the institution. In the course of coming year, the college will continue to look at options in regards to late registration, preparedness, and how to best encourage early registration.


    Student Success Celebration:

    Triton hosted a student success celebration during the ATD Coaches visit in March, which was very well attended by many employees in the Triton community. Here are some pictures from the celebration-

    AtD photo5


    AtD photo3

     Student Success Presentation Student Success Powerpoint

    Achieving The Dream - News Release 2009


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