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    Leadership Academy - Spotlight

    Sandra Hughes, Leadership Academy Class of 2010, is highlighted in the Leader Spotlight for her accomplishment of advancing to the Dean of Health Careers in 2014. Sandra began her career at Triton College in fall 1999 becoming the Chairperson for the LPN department during that first fall semester. Congratulations Sandy!
       Sandra Hughes
     Gail Krahenbuhl  
    Gail Krahenbuhl is a graduate of the President's Leadership Academy Class of 2015. Gail is featured in the Leader Spotlight to shine on her success in her new role as a faculty member leading the School/College Alliance teams. Gail began her career at Triton as adjunct faculty in 2010, later becoming full time in 2012.

    Leadership Academy - News

    All members of the President's Leadership Academy are actively involved around campus. The leaders continously strive to grow both personally and professionally by taking on new positions in the institution. Many leaders are engaged in campus-wide committees and provide valuable input as the college continues to focus on its mission of student success. Click here to learn more about their accomplishments.    Triton College Leadership Academy  
    Congratulations to the President's Leadership Academy Class of 2015! The Leadership Academy participants have selected their group project. The project selected is titled Veterans Resource Center . The Veterans Resource Center provides our community's veterans, active duty personnel, and their families with a welcoming environment on campus that offers access to academic, career, and community resources.Check back for further details. Click here to learn more about the leaders.  

     TCLA - Class of 2015

     Troy   The Leadership Academy Class of 2014 completed their group project in September 2014. Their project focused on the development and institutional implementation of a character ambassador. The group has decided to utilize the name character ambassador rather than a college mascot as they look to find meaningful ways to utilize the ambassador in support of college efforts which include marketing, recruitment, K-8 partnership work, athletics, and student services. The character ambassador will help to put a face to Triton to promote school and community spirit.

    Leadership Academy - About

    Leadership Academy participants are afforded excellent opportunities to network with colleagues while collaborating to help create a better Triton. The yearlong journey includes a retreat where participants are able to exchange ideas, gain a deeper understanding of the operations and activities of various campus departments and work together on a project that will help promote and encourage campus and student success.

    Click here to learn more about the President's Leadership Academy.

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