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    Educational Partnerships


    *** Please see updated list for Advisory Council Meetings below ***
    Triton has had long-standing relationships with area schools with the first School/College Partnership (SCP) model beginning with our public high schools in 1983 and the formation of the Private High School Partnership in 1996. In order to build relationships with our community, students, and schools earlier in the educational continuum, the K-8 Partnership was developed in 2008. In January 2013, Triton College along with several of the K-12 district leaders began conversations in order to explore a new model that would assist in better aligning the structure and help the transition of students through the educational continuum through enhanced collaboration.

    The School/College Alliance is a collaborative network of educational leaders from across District 504 with a focus on assisting all students throughout the education continuum. Working from the perspective of an aligned curriculum continuous throughout grades K-14, the Alliance strives to ensure that resources and services are being maximized to support student retention, transition, completion and success. Due to the shared responsibility among educators, elementary through college, in seamlessly advancing college readiness students, all levels of education will work together to collectively address education issues through shared data, resources, and projects, thereby, supporting a variety of educational and career pathways for our students.

    The Advisory Council for the School\College Alliance will be the governing board of the partnership, composed of district leadership from Triton, superintendents from the district K-8 and Public High Schools, executive leadership from Private High Schools, and executives from Des Plaines Valley Region and West 40. The role of the council is to provide leadership that will assist in the implementation of strategies and initiatives that will propel the mission of the School/College Alliance for student success.

       • Monday, September 21, 2015
       • Monday, November 16, 2015
       • Monday, February 22, 2016
       • Monday, April 18, 2016

    The President of Triton College and the Superintendents of each high school provide overall leadership for the group. The work of the members focuses on providing quality programs that will enhance student success and assist with the transition of students throughout the educational pipeline. This system was originally established with the intent of sharing expenses with each school within the region to further foster educational opportunties.

    Three public and three private institutions have partnered with Triton College to offer students an opportunity to earn their bachelor or graduate degree without leaving Triton's campus. The Partnership includes:
       • National Louis University
       • Eastern Illinois University
       • Benedictine University
       • Governors State University
       • Southern Illinois University
       • Dominican University

    Students apply to and graduate from the individual institution offering the selected programs from a range of academic disciplines. All University Center partner schools are fully accredited and maintain the same academic standards as other courses and programs offered through their home site.

    Each institution has committed to having an on-campus representative at Triton College to assist students with their academic pursuits. Students follow the admission process and deadlines of their selected institution. Prospective students are encouraged to speak with the on-campus representatives provided by each institution.

    Degrees Offered:
    Behavioral Science, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Fire Service Management, General Studies, Health Administration, Legal Studies (Fall 2013), Nursing, Management, Management Information Systems, Management & Organizational Behavior, Public Administration, Public Health, Social Work, and Special Education.

    For more information, pleasecall (708) 456-0300. Ext 3582.

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