• Mission & Goals

    Commit Complete for Mission & Goals pageThe Division of Research and Institutional Effectiveness provides research and analysis and supports decision-making processes for student success and institutional effectiveness throughout the College. We lead the gathering, processing, and presentation of quality, actionable information. We also promote institutional effectiveness by: providing institutionally-relevant information to College stakeholders; offering expertise in research and evaluation; working across the College to build a strong culture of evidence; supporting institutional assessment efforts; and overseeing completion of internal, state, and federal reporting requirements.

    Major Goals:

    • Continue the full implementation of the Institutional Effectiveness plan, which assesses performance and effectiveness across all areas of the instruction
    • Strengthen optimal and integrative decision support for a sustainable culture of student success by providing high-quality data reports and analyses to improve efficiencies and effectiveness
    • Increase institutional effectiveness and advance student success by transitioning Division from functioning primarily as a source of reporting to incorporate higher levels of meaningful research in support of decision-making at all levels
    • Actively support the successful implementation and usage of the new Datatel ERP computer system
    • Improve responsiveness to stakeholder research through increased use of technology
    • Develop and implement a comprehensive communications plan to increase use of Research and Institutional Effectiveness information by stakeholders


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