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    Information Systems

    Michael Garrity,
    Associate VP of Information Systems

    (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3684

    Information Systems plans, implements and manages information technology solutions based on the needs of the college.  Information Systems is responsible for supporting administrative/academic computing, campus networking, printing, video surveillance, door alarms, audio visual, web sites, desktop computers, theater equipment, emergency loudspeaker system and the telephone system. All mission critical electronic information that deals with college business is managed by Information Systems. Information Systems acts as the software and hardware purchasing agent for the college and ensures the legal use of software and hardware. Information Systems’ overall goal is to provide support of academic and administrative technology in a courteous, timely and professional manner.

    MAJOR GOALS 2016-2017
    Following completion of the final data migrations from Ralph, Ralph databases will need to be compiled and stored in a format that can be maintained into the future. All data that was not migrated, but may be needed in the future will have new methods created for data query.

    Campus CCTV, Access Control and Premise alarms all reside on a single interface now. The next phase of campus security will be to add access control to exteriors of buildings replacing manual keys for access.

    Continued expansion of wireless access on the campus to take further advantage of the increased bandwidth available to the students and staff. Review options for further increasing campus bandwidth and for network caching devices.

    Offer more support options to students via online chat support and native language search engines on the website.

    Change the campus printing practices by improving printing tracking, analytics and cost analysis. Begin to reduce the number of and usage of desktop printers on campus.

    Document and publish Information Systems policies and procedures and make them available to staff and students.

    Support on-going requirements of academic and administrative computing environments inclusive of Achieving the Dream, approved Strategic Plan projects and Enrollment Initiatives.

    Ensure compliance with ICCB and other required state and federal reporting agencies.

    Manage the purchase and inventory of technology equipment and software.

    Work toward “greening” the campus through campus-wide initiatives involving green systems, products and process.

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