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    Safety and Security

    Austin Weinstock
    Chief of Police

    (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3058


    The Triton College Police Department is responsible for identifying programs, methods and approaches to assist the institution towards achieving a safe and secure campus.  The Triton College Police Department provides law enforcement services to the college.  Police officers are duly sworn and commissioned under the provisions of the Illinois Compiled Statutes and enforce all state and local laws.  The Police department, a 24-hour law enforcement agency, is charged with protecting life and property, preventing crime and fear of crime, responding to alarms, investigating crimes, controlling traffic/parking, and providing general law enforcement and security services. We will strive to enhance the quality of life for all members of our community by building on traditions while working toward excellence to set the standards for law enforcement. Our mandate is to do this with honor, pride, and integrity, at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards to maintain the public's trust, confidence and respect.

    The Triton College Police Department endeavors to preserve an environment where diverse social, cultural, and academic values develop and prosper.  All members of the department are expected to actively participate in the achievement of these goals and in excellent service to the college and our communities.  It is only through campus-wide collective efforts that our mission can be accomplished.


    MAJOR GOALS 2017-2018

    Completion, acceptance and award of 2 (two) Federal grants being Community Policing Development Program and COPS Hiring Program (CHP)

    Purchase one Police patrol bicycle as a further means of green transportation helping to reduce wear and tear on patrol vehicles and benefiting the environment. This also enhances greater community interaction campus safety and security.

    Purchase of a Solar-Powered Speed Monitor in a continued effort to benefit the environment and protect the College by slowing traffic down in high traffic areas.

    The continuation of the development of our Rapid Response programs, this will help the Officers & entire campus to prepare for such events.

    Upgrade as necessary the Police Radio system to alleviate the non-transmission zones in the R building for campus safety as well as more efficient handling of emergency calls and situations.

    Work closely with the IT Department to replace and upgrade outdated Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) equipment. Continue to replace and upgrade College alarm and card access system.


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