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Adobe Products - Navigate through a document

Navigate through a document. 

To find a word using the Find command:

  1. Click the find button or choose Edit > Find

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  3. Enter the text to find in the text box

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    Select search options if necessary: 
    -Match Whole Word Only finds only occurences of the complete word you enter in the text box. For example, if you search for the word stick, the words tick and stickywill not be highlighted. 
    -Match Case finds only words that contain exactly the same capitalization you enter in the text box. 
    -Find Backwards starts the search from the current page and goes backwards through the document.
  5. Click Find. Acrobat Reader finds the next occurrence of the word.
To find the next occurrence of the word do one of the following:
  1. Choose Edit > Find Again.

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  3. Reopen the Find dialog box, and click Find Again. (The word must already be in the Find text box.)
How to use Bookmarks

Bookmarks can mark parts of a document for quick access, link to page views in other documents, link to the Web, play a movie or sound, enter an article, or reset or submit a form. To browse with a bookmark:

  1. Show the Bookmarks palette. You may need to choose Window > Show Bookmarks to open the palette or click the Bookmarks tab to bring the palette to the front of its group.

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  3. To jump to a topic using its bookmark, click the bookmark's icon or text in the palette.

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Note: Clicking a bookmark might perform an action, such as playing a movie, instead of taking you to another location. It depends on how the bookmark was defined. 
The bookmark for the part of the document currently showing is boldfaced. 
If the navigation pane disappears when you click a bookmark, the document creator has activated the Hide After Use command. To show the navigation pane again, click the Show Navigation Pane button on the command bar. Deselect Hide After Use in the navigation pane's palette menu if you want the navigation pane to remain open after you click a bookmark. 
Bookmarks can be subordinate to other bookmarks in their hierarchy; a higer-level bookmark in this relationship is the parent, and a lower-level bookmark is the child. You can collapse a parent bookmark in the palette to hide all its children. When a parent bookmark is collapsed, it has a plus sign (Windows) or a triangle (Mac OS) next to it. If the bookmark you want to click is hidden in a collapsed parent, click the plus sign or triangle next to the parent to show it.

Magnifying and reducing tha page view (Zoom Tool)

The minimum and maximum zoom levels available depend on the current page size. If you magnify a page to a size larger than the window, use the hand tool to move the page around so that you can view all the areas on it. Moving a PDF page with the hand tool is like moving a piece of paper on a desk with your hand.

To increase magnification do one of the following:

  • Select the zoom-in tool and click the page.

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  • Select the zoom-in tool, and drag to draw a rectangle, called a marquee, around the area to magnify.

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  • Click the Magnification button in the status bar, and choose a magnification level.

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To decrease magnification do one of the following:
  • Select the zoom-out tool and click the page.
  • Select the zoom-out tool, and drag to draw a marquee the size you want the reduced page to be
  • Click the magnification button in the status bar, and choose a magnification level.
Note: When the zoom-in tool is selected, you can press Ctrl (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) while clicking or dragging to zoom-out instead of in. When the zoom-out tool is selected, press Ctrl or Option to zoom-in.

To change the magnification level using a thumbnail position the pointer over the lower right corner of the red page-view box in the thumbnail until the pointer changes to a double arrow. Then drag the corner of the box to reduce or expand the view of the page.

To resize a page to fit the window do one of the following:

  • To resize the page to fit entirely in the window, click the Fit in Window button or choose View > Fit in Window.

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  • To resize the page to fit the width of the window, click the Fit Width button or choose View > Fit Width. Part of the page may be out of view.

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  • To resize the page so that its text and graphics fit the width of the window, choose View > Fit Visible. Part of the page may be out of view.

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  • To return a page to its actual size click the Actual Size Button or choose View > Actual Size. The actual size for a PDF page is typically 100%, but the document creator may have set it to another magnification level.

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