• Adult Education

    Enroll HSC Classes

    To enroll in HSC courses, please follow the appropriate set of directions below.

    Evening High School
    Students under the age of 21 who want to enroll in high school or college classes for high school credit MUST have written permission from their current guidance counselor. All public and private high schools in Triton’s district have the registration forms in their guidance office for each term. Students who live in-district but attend high school out-of-district may come to the Learning Resource Center Building, Room A-106, to pick up the form. The permission form lists the specific registration dates for high school classes each semester. Students who are enrolling in college level classes are encouraged to make an appointment with an advisor before the semester begins.

    Adult High School
    Students who are over 21 and live in the district must obtain an official high school transcript from the last school that they attended. The transcript should be brought to the Learning Resource Center, Room A-106 in a sealed envelope with the student’s name, address and current phone number attached. After Triton personnel evaluate the student’s transcript, an advisor will contact the student to discuss program options.