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    Allied Health Department 

    The Allied Health department's main responsibility is providing prerequisite and co-requisite courses to prepare students for success in many Health Career programs and certificate programs, at Triton College. We are dedicated to educational excellence. To that end, every effort has been made to design and offer a diverse range of courses designed to meet student needs and facilitate student success.

    Mission Statement

    To provide Allied Health students with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals as competent health care practitioners and active, effective citizens in their respective communities.

    Vision Statement

    The Allied Health department is committed to its students and the community by providing exemplary student-centered learning opportunities in health care disciplines which enrich, encourage growth, lead to success and promote life-long learning. The department will continue to foster student attributes that will enhance their role as effective health care professionals.


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    Dr. Peter Jaswilko_1
    Dr. Peter Jaswilko
    Allied Health Coordinator
    (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3928
    Office: H-232
    Email: peterjaswilko@triton.edu  


    Adjunct Faculty

    Silvia Donatelli

    Email:  silviadonatelli@triton.edu 

    Mary Elkins

    Email:  maryelkins@triton.edu 

    Tracey Johnson

    Email:  traceyjohnson@triton.edu 

    Angela Satala

    Email: angelasatala@triton.edu 

    Ewa Stopa

    Email: ewastopa@triton.edu

    Ruth A. Zavala

    Email: ruthzavala@triton.edu