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    BF575.L8 J33
    Jampolsky, Gerald G. Love is letting go of fear. Millbrae, Calif. :
    Celestial Arts, c1979.

    BJ1500.T78 B47 2010
    Bernasek, Anna. The economics of integrity : from dairy farmers to Toyota,
    how wealth is built on trust and what that means for our future. 1st ed.
    New York : HarperStudio, c2010.

    BP223.Z8 L5767 2009
    Racism in The autobiography of Malcolm X. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    BR145.3 .M33 2010
    MacCulloch, Diarmaid. Christianity : the first three thousand years. 1st
    American ed. New York : Viking, 2010.

    BS2651 .R83 2010
    Ruden, Sarah. Paul among the people : the Apostle reinterpreted and
    reimagined in his own time. 1st ed. New York : Pantheon Books, c2010.

    BT82.2 .S518 2009
    Sharlet, Jeff. The family : the secret fundamentalism at the heart of
    American power. 1st Harper Perennial ed. New York, NY : Harper Perennial,


    D117 .B34 2010
    Bauer, S. Wise. The history of the medieval world : from the conversion of
    Constantine to the First Crusade. 1st ed. New York : W.W. Norton, c2010.

    D157 .P55 2009
    Phillips, Jonathan. Holy warriors : a modern history of the Crusades. 1st
    U.S. ed. New York : Random House, c2009.

    D769.8.A6 C28 2010
    Castelnuovo, Shirley. Soldiers of conscience : Japanese American military
    resisters in World War II. Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, 2010.

    D790.252 332nd .M69 2010
    Moye, J. Todd. Freedom flyers : the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II. New
    York : Oxford University Press, 2010.

    DC137 .P75 2004
    Price, Munro. The road from Versailles : Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and
    the fall of the French monarchy. 1st St. Martin's Griffin. ed. New
    York : St. Martin's Griffin, 2004.

    DK676.9.R8 A86 2010
    Asmus, Ronald D. A little war that shook the world : Georgia, Russia, and
    the future of the West. 1st ed. New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

    DR486 .G66 2003
    Goodwin, Jason. Lords of the horizons : a history of the Ottoman Empire.
    1st Picador ed. New York, N.Y. : Picador, 2003.

    DS63.2.U5 M425 2009
    The Middle East. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    DS79.76 .H685 2008
    How should the U.S. proceed in Iraq? Detroit, MI : Greenhaven Press, 2008.

    DS79.76 .W359 2009
    The war in Iraq. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    DS407 .I4456 2009
    India. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    DT1974 .C64 2009
    Cohen, David. Nelson Mandela : a life in photographs. New York : Sterling,

    E183.8.A3 H69 2009
    How should the U.S. proceed in Afghanistan? Detroit : Greenhaven Press,

    E183.8.S65 B47 1987
    Beschloss, Michael R. MAYDAY, the U-2 affair : the untold story of the
    greatest U.S.-U.S.S.R. spy scandal. 1st Perennial Library ed. New York,
    NY : Harper & Row, 1987, c1986.

    E184.A1 P29 2010
    Painter, Nell Irvin. The history of White people. 1st ed. New York, NY :
    W.W. Norton, c2010.

    E185.97.C76 A3 2010
    Cooper, Ann Nixon. A century and some change : my life before the president
    called my name. 1st Atria Books hardcover ed. New York, NY : Atria Books,

    E303 .B47 2003
    Berkin, Carol. A brilliant solution : inventing the American Constitution.
    1st Harvest ed. Orlando : Harcourt, 2003, c2002.

    E457.6 .S37 2009
    Schramm, Ron. Lincoln in Illinois : commemorating the bicentennial of the
    birth of Abraham Lincoln February 12, 2009. 1st paperback ed.
    Springfield, Ill. : Abraham Lincoln Association, 2009.

    E710 .W485 2010
    Williams, R. Hal. Realigning America : McKinley, Bryan, and the remarkable
    election of 1896. Lawrence, Kan. : University Press of Kansas, c2010.

    E721 .T47 2010
    Thomas, Evan. The war lovers : Roosevelt, Lodge, Hearst, and the rush to
    empire, 1898. 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown and Co., 2010.

    E877.2 .S35 2003
    Schweizer, Peter. Reagan's war : the epic story of his forty year struggle
    and final triumph over Communism. 1st Anchor Books ed. New York : Anchor
    Books Doubleday, 2003.

    E895 .D64 2009
    Does the world hate the U.S.? Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    F229 .G88 1970
    Griffith, Lucille. The Virginia House of Burgesses, 1750-1774. Rev. ed.
    University, University of Alabama Press [1970]

    F1928.2 .H355 2007
    Hallward, Peter. Damming the flood : Haiti, Aristide, and the politics of
    containment. London ; New York : Verso, 2007.


    GB5019 .A74 2010
    Are natural disasters increasing? Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2010.

    GC1018 .E528 2009
    Endangered oceans. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    GE195 .M333 2010
    MacBride, Peter. Live ethically. [Chicago] : McGraw-Hill, 2010.

    GF71 .A37 2009
    Adaptation and climate change. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    GN419.25 .B62 2009
    Body piercing and tattoos. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    GV705.4 .S64 2009
    Sports and athletes. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    GV1061.23.M6 M33 2009
    McDougall, Christopher. Born to run : a hidden tribe, superathletes, and
    the greatest race the world has never seen. 1st ed. New York : Alfred A.
    Knopf, c2009.

    GV1469.3 .V526 2010
    Video games. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2010.


    Social Sciences
    HC106.5 .B347 2010
    Bartels, Larry M. Unequal democracy : the political economy of the new
    Gilded Age. Princeton, N.J. ; Woodstock : Princeton University Press,

    HC110.P6 P588 2008
    Poverty. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2008.

    HD30.28 .S4345 2006
    Silvester, James L. 401 questions every entrepreneur should ask. Franklin
    Lakes, NJ : Career Press, c2006.

    HD57.7 .L437 2010
    Leadership in an era of change. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, 2010.

    HD60 .D485 2009
    Dickson, Marsha Ann. Social responsibility in the global apparel industry.
    New York : Fairchild Books, c2009.

    HD62.5 .G377 2010
    Garson, Jack. How to build a business and sell it for millions. New York :
    St. martin's Press, 2010.

    HD2368.U6 D64 2010
    Does outsourcing harm America? Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2010.

    HD3616.U47 S46 2010
    Should the federal government bail out private industry? Detroit :
    Greenhaven Press, c2010.

    HD3861.U6 O93 2009
    Outsourcing. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HD6300 .T46 2010
    Thompson, Gabriel. Working in the shadows : a year of doing the jobs (most)
    Americans won't do. New York : Nation Books, c2010.

    HD9000.5 .G5825 2009
    The global food crisis. Detroit, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HD9566 .F672 2008
    Foreign oil dependence. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2008.

    HE5620.D72 D78 2008
    Drunk driving. Detroit, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2008.

    HE5620.J8 T438 2008
    Teen driving. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2008.

    HF5415.1265 .B758 2010
    Brogan, Chris. Social media 101 : tactics and tips to develop your business
    online. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2010.

    HF5415.33.U6 S355 2004
    Schor, Juliet. Born to buy. 1st Scribner trade pbk. ed. New York :
    Scribner, 2005.

    HF5549.5.A34 A4212 2009
    Affirmative action. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HG177 .D38 2009
    Daubert, Erik J. The annual campaign. Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons,

    HJ4653.C73 D62 2009
    Do tax breaks benefit the economy? Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HM753 .B47 2008
    Berreby, David. Us and them : the science of identity. Chicago :
    University of Chicago Press, c2008.

    HM1271 .G73 2006
    Gray, John. Enlightenment's wake : Politics and culture at the close of the
    modern age. London : Routledge, [2002, c1997].

    HN8 .E48 2006
    Ekirch, A. Roger. At day's close : night in times past. Norton pbk. ed.
    New York : Norton, 2006, c2005.

    HN90.M6 B78 2003b
    Bruce, Tammy. The death of right and wrong : exposing the left's assault on
    our culture and values. 1st pbk. ed. New York : Three River Press, c2003.

    HN90.R3 R362 1999
    Rand, Ayn. Return of the primitive : the anti-industrial revolution. New
    expanded ed. of The New Left : the anti-industrial revolution. New York :
    Meridian, c1999.

    HQ18.U5 R657 2009
    Rosen, David. Sex scandal America : politics & the public ritual of public
    shaming. 1st hard cover ed. Toronto : Key Pub. House, c2009.

    HQ27 .A44 2010
    Age of consent. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2010.

    HQ27 .D69 2010
    Do abstinence programs work? Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2010.

    HQ76.25 .H67375 2009
    Homosexuality. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HQ759.64 .T38 2009
    Teenage pregnancy. Famington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HQ766.15 .B57 2009
    Birth control. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HQ784.C55 A4513 2010
    Ali, Nujood. I am Nujood, age 10 and divorced. 1st American ed. New
    York : Three Rivers Press, c2010.

    HQ799.2.I5 S56 2008
    Should social networking web sites be banned? Detroit : Greenhaven Press,

    HQ799.2.M35 H38 2008
    How does advertising impact teen behavior? Detroit : Greenhaven Press,

    HQ814 .D586 2009
    Divorce. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HQ1061 .A4297 2009
    The aging population. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HT166 .D58 2009
    Dobbins, Michael. Urban design and people. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2009.

    HT1091 .R93 2009
    Ryden, David. West Indian slavery and British abolition, 1783-1807.
    Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2009.

    HV91 .W4662 2008
    Welfare. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2008.

    HV91 .W4663 2008
    Welfare. Detroit : Greenhaven Press : Gale/Cengage Learning, c2008.

    HV713 .F67 2010
    Foster care. Detroit, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2010.

    HV875.55 .A74 2008
    Are adoption policies fair? Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2008.

    HV875.55 .I867 2009
    Issues in adoption. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV1454.2.U6 I56 2009
    Inside assisted living : the search for home. Baltimore : Johns Hopkins
    University Press, 2009.

    HV4708 .R543 2009
    The rights of animals. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV4915 .A636 2009
    Animal experimentation. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV4998 .A343 2009
    Addiction. Detroit, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV5066 .A395 2010
    Alcoholism. 1st ed. Detroit : Gale/Cengage Learning, c2010.

    HV5089 .O47 2010
    Okrent, Daniel. Last call : the rise and fall of Prohibition, 1920-1933.
    First Scribner hardcover ed. New York : Scribner, c2010.

    HV5135 .S57 2008
    Should the legal drinking age be lowered? Detroit : Greenhaven Press : Gale/
    Cengage Learning, c2008.

    HV5135 .U422 2010
    Underage drinking. Farmington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2010.

    HV5822.M3 M2675 2009
    Marijuana. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV6025 .S48 2004
    Siegel, Larry J. Criminology : theories, patterns, and typologies. 8th ed.
    Belmont, CA : Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, c2004.

    HV6133 .M455 2009
    Mental illness and criminal behavior. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV6432 .S546 2008
    Should governments negotiate with terrorists? Detroit : Greenhaven Press,

    HV6439.U5 G3583 2009
    Gangs. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV6546 .T4138 2009
    Teen suicide. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV6561 .D34 2009
    Date and acquaintance rape. Detroit : Greenhaven Press/Gale Cengage
    Learning, c2009.

    HV6570.2 .S53 2008
    Sexual predators. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2008.

    HV6592 .S4865 2008
    Sexual violence. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2008.

    HV6626 .D634 2009
    Domestic violence. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV6626 .F33 2009
    Family violence. Detroit, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV6626.5 .C4716 2009
    Child abuse. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV6626.52 .W54 1997
    Wiehe, Vernon R. Sibling abuse : hidden physical, emotional, and sexual
    trauma. 2nd ed. Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c1997.

    HV6769 .W46 2009
    White-collar crime. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV6773 .C913 2009
    Cyber crime. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV6789 .C68133 2009
    Crime and criminals. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2010.

    HV7436 G8758 2007
    Gun violence. Detroit [Mich.] : Greenhaven Press, 2007.

    HV7436 .G8774 2009
    Guns and violence. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV7936.R3 R323 2009
    Racial profiling. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV8141 .C67 2009
    Criminal justice. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV9067.H6 C53 2009
    Chalmers, Phil. Inside the mind of a teen killer. Nashville, Tenn. :
    Thomas Nelson, c2009.

    HV9104 .J8317 2009
    Juvenile crime. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    HV9475.T4 P47 2010
    Perkinson, Robert. Texas tough : the rise of America's prison empire. 1st
    ed. New York : Metropolitan Books, 2010.


    JK339 .F37 2009
    Fatovic, Clement. Outside the law : emergency and executive power.
    Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009.

    JQ1519.T553 T53 2009
    Tibet. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    KF390.5.C6 C927 2005
    Cyberlaw : legal principles of emerging technologies. Upper Saddle River,
    N.J. : Pearson/Prentice Hall, c2005.

    KF510 .M35 2009
    Marriage. Farmington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    KF2995 .I567 2010
    Intellectual property rights. Farmington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press,

    KF3455.Z9 J37 2003
    Jasper, Margaret C. Employee rights in the workplace. 2nd ed. Dobbs Ferry,
    N.Y. : Oceana Publications, 2003.

    KF3890 .W37 2009
    The war on drugs. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    KF3941 .I8 2010
    Is gun ownership a right? Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2010.

    KF4550 .W475 1999
    Whittington, Keith E. Constitutional interpretation : textual meaning,
    original intent, and judicial review. Lawrence : University Press of
    Kansas, c1999.

    KF4750 .C495 2009
    Civil liberties. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    KF8742 .S495 2010
    Shesol, Jeff. Supreme power : Franklin Roosevelt vs. the Supreme Court.
    1st ed. New York, NY : W.W. Norton, c2010.

    KF9304 .H38 2009
    Hate crimes. Farmington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    KF9375 .O74 2009
    Organized crime. Farmington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press, Gale, Cengage
    Learning, c2009.

    KF9779 .J884 2009
    Juvenile justice. Farmington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press, Gale, Cengage
    Learning, c2009.


    LA217.2 .E34 2009
    Education. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    LB1028.3 .H375 2009
    Has technology increased learning? Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    LB2331 .R678 2003
    Roueche, John E. Practical magic : on the front lines of teaching
    excellence. Washington, DC : Community College Press, c2003.

    LB2342 .R57 2009
    The rising cost of college. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    LB2806.22 .A77 2010
    Assessing student outcomes : why, who, what, how? San Francisco : Jossey-
    Bass, c2010.

    LC205 .P35 2010
    Paige, Rod. The black-white achievement gap : why closing it is the
    greatest civil rights issue of our time. New York, NY : AMACOM, American
    Management Association, c2010.

    LC1099.3 .D584 2010
    Diversity and educational benefits. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, 2010.

    ML410.S855 S69 2005
    Soll, Beverly. I dream a world : the operas of William Grant Still.
    Fayetteville : University of Arkansas Press, 2005.

    ML3531 .S56 2008
    Should music lyrics be censored for violence and exploitation? Detroit :
    Greenhaven Press, c2008.

    ML3918.R37 R38 2008
    Rap music and culture. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2008.

    Fine Arts
    N530 .A674 2009
    Art Institute of Chicago. Master paintings in the Art Institute of Chicago.
    3rd ed. Chicago, Ill. : Art Institute of Chicago ; New Haven [Conn.] :
    Yale University Press [distributor], c2009.

    NA680 .J567 2008
    Jodidio, Philip. 100 contemporary architects = 100 Zeitgenossische
    Architekten = 100 architectes contemporains. Hong Kong ; Los Angeles :
    Taschen, c2008.

    NA2542.36 .E26 2008
    Eco-architecture. Farmington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2008.

    NA2543.S6 S53 2009
    Shanken, Andrew Michael. 194X : architecture, planning, and consumer
    culture on the American home front. Minneapolis : University of Minnesota
    Press, c2009.

    NA9040 .U677 2009
    Urban design. Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2009.

    ND1488 .D46 2008
    De Sausmarez, Jane. Basic colour : a practical handbook. London : Herbert
    Press/A. & C. Black, 2008.

    NK2004.3.M55 C34 2009
    Cahan, Richard. Edgar Miller and the handmade home : Chicago's forgotten
    Renaissance man. 1st ed. Chicago : CityFiles Press, c2009.


    Language and Literature
    P87.25 .M37 2010
    Mass media. Detroit, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2010.

    P96.V5 M426 2009
    Media violence. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    PR4036 .H37 2010
    Harman, Claire. Jane's fame : how Jane Austen conquered the world. 1st U.S.
    ed. New York, N.Y. : Henry Holt and Co., 2010, c2009.

    PR6052.O848 I49 2009
    Bowen, Rhys. In a gilded cage. 1st ed. New York : Minotaur Books, 2009.

    PR6054.U38 A6 2006
    Duffy, Carol Ann. Selected poems. London : Penguin Books in association
    with Anvil Press Poetry, 2006.

    PR6068.O93 Z826 2009
    Political issues in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Detroit :
    Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    PR6108.O34 I45 2009
    Hoffman, Eva. Appassionata. Other Press ed. New York : Other Press, 2009.

    PS591.N4 B49 2009
    Black nature : four centuries of African American nature poetry. Athens :
    University of Georgia Press, c2009.

    PS1305 .R33 2009
    Race in Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Detroit : Greenhaven
    Press, c2009.

    PS1331 .S45 2010
    Shelden, Michael. Mark Twain : man in white : the grand adventure of his
    final years. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2010.

    PS1868 .S95 2003
    Swisher, Clarice. The scarlet letter. San Diego : Lucent Books, c2003.

    PS1868 .W45 2009
    Women's issues in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The scarlet letter. Detroit :
    Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    PS3263.O775 R678 2007
    Worth, Sandra. The rose of York : fall from grace. [Yarnell, Ariz.] : End
    Table Books, c2007.

    PS3511.A86 Z7832 1994
    Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference (21st : 1994 : University of
    Mississippi). Faulkner and gender. Jackson : University Press of
    Mississippi, c1996.

    PS3515.E37 S9239 2008
    Male and female roles in Ernest Hemingway's The sun also rises. Detroit,
    MI : Greenhaven Press/Gale, c2008.

    PS3525.I5156 D4375 2008
    Suicide in Arthur Miller's Death of a salesman. Farmington Hills, MI :
    Greenhaven Press, c2008.

    PS3537.A426 C326 2009
    Depression in J.D. Salinger's The catcher in the rye. Detroit : Greenhaven
    Press, c2009.

    PS3537.A426 C3292 2009
    J.D. Salinger's The catcher in the rye. New ed. New York : Bloom's
    Literary Criticism, c2009.

    PS3537.T3234 G854 2008
    Industrialism in John Steinbeck's The grapes of wrath. Detroit : Greenhaven
    Press, c2008.

    PS3545.R815 N3366 2009
    Civil rights in Richard Wright's Native son. Detroit : Greenhaven Press,

    PS3555.S53 I47 1997
    Espada, Martin. Imagine the angels of bread : poems. Norton paperback ed.
    New York : W.W. Norton, 1997.

    PS3570.A48 J638 2008
    Women's issues in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club. Detroit : Greenhaven Press,

    PS3620.A92 N36 2010
    Taylor, Alex. The name of the nearest river : stories. 1st ed. Louisville,
    Ky. : Sarabande Books, c2010.

    PS3623.O775 R668 2006
    Worth, Sandra. The rose of York. Crown of destiny. 1st ed. [Yarnell,
    Ariz.] : End Table Books, c2006.

    PS3623.O775 R67 2003
    Worth, Sandra. The rose of York. Love & war. Yarnell, Ariz. : End Table
    Books, c2003.


    Q175.5 .F477 2010
    Ferris, Timothy. The science of liberty : democracy, reason, and the laws
    of nature. 1st ed. New York : Harper, c2010.

    QA37.3 .A973 2010
    Ayres, Frank. Schaum's outlines. College mathematics : algebra, discrete
    mathematics, precalculus, calculus. 4th ed. New York, [N.Y.] : McGraw
    Hill, c2010.

    QA135.6 .L43 2011
    Learning mathematics in elementary and middle schools : a learner-centered
    approach. 5th ed. Boston, MA : Pearson Allyn & Bacon, c2011.

    QA157 .S728 2010
    Steege, Ray. Intermediate algebra. 2nd ed. New York : McGraw-Hill, c2010.

    QB43.2 .T2613 2007
    Tahtitieteen perusteet. English. Fundamental astronomy. 5th ed. Berlin ;
    New York : Springer, c2007.

    QB661 .J87 2006
    Jupiter : the planet, satellites and magnetosphere. Cambridge : Cambridge
    University Press, 2006.

    QB820 .D67 2002
    Dorminey, Bruce. Distant wanderers : the search for planets beyond the
    solar system. New York : Copernicus, c2002.

    QC462.85 .T32 2009
    Pretsch, Erno. Structure determination of organic compounds : tables of
    spectral data. 4th, rev. and enlarged ed. Berlin : Springer, c2009.

    QC718 .C39 2006
    Chen, Francis F. Introduction to plasma physics and controlled fusion.
    Volume 1, Plasma physics. 2nd ed. New York : Springer, c2006.

    QC981.8.G56 G574414 2008
    Global warming. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2008.

    QC981.8.G56 G578 2010
    Global warming. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2010.

    QD41 .G652 2005
    Goldberg, David E. Schaum's outline of beginning chemistry. 3rd ed. New
    York : McGraw-Hill, c2005.

    QH102 .F54 2009
    Field guide to rivers of North America. Amsterdam ; Boston ; London :
    Elsevier/Academic Press, c2010.

    QH332 .K37 2002
    Kass, Leon. Life, liberty, and the defense of dignity : the challenge for
    bioethics. 1st ed. San Francisco : Encounter Books, 2002.

    QH375 .F63 2010
    Fodor, Jerry A. What Darwin got wrong. 1st American ed. New York : Farrar,
    Straus and Giroux, 2010.

    QH437.5 .S567 2008
    Simpson, Kathleen. Genetics : from DNA to designer dogs. Washington, D.C.:
    National Geographic, 2008.

    QH440.3 .S7 2010
    Elrod, Susan L. Schaum's outlines: genetics. 5th ed. New York : Mcgraw-
    Hill, c2010.

    QH442 .G446 2009
    Genetic engineering. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    QH442.2 .E846 2009
    The ethics of cloning. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    QH588.S83 S56 2009
    Should the government fund embryonic stem cell research? Detroit :
    Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    QL638.9 .S444 2009
    Sengupta, Monalisa. Discover sharks. Berkeley Heights, NJ : Enslow
    Publishers, 2009.

    QL751 .C8825 2005
    Crump, Martha L. Headless males make great lovers : & other unusual natural
    histories. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, c2005.

    QL795.L7 B68 2008
    Bourke, Anthony. A lion called Christian. Rev. ed. New York : Broadway
    Books, c2009.

    QP279 .S56 2008
    Should parents be allowed to choose the gender of their children? Detroit :
    Greenhaven Press, c2008.

    QP356.4 .B75 2010
    Brizendine, Louann. The male brain. 1st ed. New York : Broadway Books,

    QR41.2 .H64 2005
    Hogg, Stuart. Essential microbiology. West Sussex ; Hoboken, NJ : John
    Wiley and Sons, c2005.

    QR62 .M33 2001
    McCormick, Tammy S. Race. The essentials of microbiology. Piscataway, N.J.
    : Research and Education Association, c2001.

    QR100 .E58 2010
    Environmental microbiology. 2nd ed. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Blackwell, c2010.

    QR181 .P335 2009
    Parham, P. The immune system. 3rd ed. London ; New York : Garland Science,


    R857.O6 E87 2009
    Essential bioimaging methods. 1st ed. Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier/
    Academic Press, 2009.

    RA638 .S53 2010
    Should vaccinations be mandatory? Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2010.

    RA643 .D595 2009
    Do infectious diseases pose a threat? Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    RB115 .C85
    Current procedural terminology. [Chicago] : American Medical Association, 2006-

    RB155.5 .G4544 2009
    Genetic disorders. Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2009.

    RC377 .V65 2010
    Voices of multiple sclerosis : the healing companion : stories for courage,
    comfort and strength. Brooklyn, NY : LaChance Publishing, c2010.

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