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    BF723.S43 I83 2010
    Isay, Jane. Mom still likes you best : the unfinished business between
    siblings. 1st ed. New York : Doubleday, c2010.

    BL2525 .M423 2007
    Meacham, Jon. American gospel : God, the founding fathers, and the making
    of a nation. Random House trade pbk. ed. New York : Random House Trade
    Paperbacks, 2007.

    BP55 .D66 2010
    Donner, Fred McGraw. Muhammad and the believers : at the origins of Islam.
    Cambridge, Mass. : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2010.

    BR517 .F575 2010
    Forbes, James. Whose Gospel? : a concise guide to progressive Protestantism.
    New York : New Press : Distributed by Perseus Distribution, 2010.

    BS2341.52 .G86 2010
    Gundry, Robert Horton. Commentary on the New Testament : verse-by-verse
    explanations with a literal translation. Peabody, Mass. : Hendrickson
    Publishers, c2010.

    BX2350.65 .R3413 2010
    Rahner, Karl. The mystical way in everyday life : sermons, prayers, and
    essays. Maryknoll, N.Y. : Orbis Books, c2010.

    D164 .P48 2005
    Phillips, Jonathan. The Fourth Crusade and the sack of Constantinople. New
    York : Penguin Books, 2005.

    DF225.4 B55 2010
    Billows, Richard A. Marathon : how one battle changed Western civilization.
    1st ed. New York : Overlook Duckworth, 2010.

    DK42 .R77 2010
    Russia. New York : H.W. Wilson Co., 2010.

    DS125.5 .S366 2010
    Schneer, Jonathan. The Balfour Declaration : the origins of the Arab-
    Israeli conflict. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2010.

    E78.G73 H577 2008
    Hoig, Stan. White man's paper trail : grand councils and treaty-making on
    the Central Plains. 1st paperback ed. Boulder : University Press of
    Colorado, 2008, c2006.

    E169.12 .U479 2008
    Understanding America : the anatomy of an exceptional nation. 1st ed. New
    York : PublicAffairs, c2008.

    E179.5 .B63 2001
    Billington, Ray Allen. Westward expansion : a history of the American
    frontier. 6th ed., abridged. Albuquerque : University of New Mexico
    Press, c2001.

    E179.5 .R68 2002
    Roth, Mitchel P. Issues of westward expansion. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood
    Press, c2002.

    E185.86 .R52 2009
    Rich, John A. Wrong place, wrong time : trauma and violence in the lives of
    young black men. Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009.

    E743 .T73 2007
    Traxel, David. Crusader nation : the United States in peace and the Great
    War, 1898-1920. 1st Vintage Books ed. New York : Vintage Books, 2007.

    E806 T55 2010
    Seminars on the American Political Tradition (1966 : Claremont Men's
    College). The thirties : a reconsideration in the light of the American
    political tradition. Dekalb, Ill. : Northern Illinois University Press,

    E836 .N53 2007
    Nichols, David A. A matter of justice : Eisenhower and the beginning of the
    Civil Rights Revolution. 1st Simon & Schuster pbk. ed. New York : Simon
    & Schuster, 2007.

    E841 .F53 2008
    Flamm, Michael W. Debating the 1960s : liberal, conservative, and radical
    perspectives. Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c2008.

    F390.L25 B79 2008
    Bryan, Jimmy L. More zeal than discretion : the westward adventures of
    Walter P. Lane. 1st ed. College Station : Texas A&M University Press,


    GN799.F6 W73 2009
    Wrangham, Richard W. Catching fire : how cooking made us human. New York :
    Basic Books, c2009.

    GV865.A1 B856 2010
    Budig, Gene A. Clearing the bases : nine who did it with grit and class.
    Champaign, IL : News-Gazette, Inc., c2010.

    GV1469.3 .B55 2010
    Bissell, Tom. Extra lives : why video games matter. 1st ed. New York :
    Pantheon Books, c2010.

    Social Sciences
    HC106.83 .W66 2009
    Woods, Thomas E. Meltdown : a free-market look at why the stock market
    collapsed, the economy tanked, and government bailouts will make things
    worse. Washington, DC : Regnery Pub., 2009.

    HF5415 .M378 2008
    Perreault, William D. Essentials of marketing : a marketing strategy
    planning approach. 11th ed. Boston : McGraw-Hill/Irwin, c2008.

    HF5549.2.U5 S94 2009
    Sujansky, Joanne Genova. Keeping the millennials : why companies are losing
    billions in turnover to this generation--and what to do about it. Hoboken,
    NJ : John Wiley & Sons, c2009.

    HF5549.5.G73 M35 2004
    McLaughlin, Miriam Smith. The new encyclopedia of icebreakers. San
    Francisco : Pfeiffer, c2004.

    HG177 .L47 2009
    Levy, Reynold. Yours for the asking : an indispensable guide to fundraising
    and management. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley ; Chichester : John Wiley
    [distributor], c2009.

    HG2491 .J646 2010
    Johnson, Simon. 13 bankers : the Wall Street takeover and the next
    financial meltdown. 1st ed. New York : Pantheon Books, c2010.

    HG9396 .F67 2008
    Fordney, Marilyn Takahashi. Insurance handbook for the medical office.
    10th ed. St. Louis, Mo. : Saunders Elsevier, c2008.

    HN18.3 .H69 2010
    How to achieve a heaven on earth. Gretna, La. : Pelican Pub. Co., 2010.

    HQ771 .B766 2010
    Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne. First-year maternal employment and child development
    in the first 7 years. Boston, Mass. : Wiley, c2010.

    HQ774 .A43 1980
    Ames, Louise Bates. Your two-year-old : terrible or tender. New York, N.Y.
    : Dell, 1980.

    HV41.2 .W36 2009
    Warwick, Mal. Fundraising when money is tight : a strategic and practical
    guide to surviving tough times and thriving in the future. 1st ed. San
    Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2009.

    HV4708 .L5644 2009
    Linzey, Andrew. Why animal suffering matters : philosophy, theology, and
    practical ethics. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.

    HV4915 .C66 2008
    Conn, P. Michael. The animal research war. 1st ed. New York : Palgrave
    Macmillan, 2008.

    HV6432 .G48 2007
    German, Mike. Thinking like a terrorist : insights of a former FBI
    undercover agent. 1st ed. Washington, D.C. : Potomac Books, c2007.

    HV6446 .D35 2009
    Dash, Mike. The first family : terror, extortion, revenge, murder, and the
    birth of the American mafia. 1st ed. New York : Random House, c2009.

    HV9468.B48 A3 2009
    Betts, R. Dwayne. A question of freedom : a memoir of survival, learning,
    and coming of age in prison. New York : Avery, c2009.


    Political Science
    JC314 .M36 2009
    Manifest destinies and indigenous peoples. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard
    University David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies ;
    distributed by Harvard University Press, 2009.

    JK274 .W67 2009
    Wilson, James Q. American government : brief version. 9th ed. Boston :
    Wadsworth, c2009.

    JQ1840 .F65 2010
    Foley, Sean. The Arab Gulf States : beyond oil and Islam. Boulder, Colo. :
    Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2010.

    KF4757 .L44 2000
    Legacies of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Charlottesville, VA : University
    Press of Virginia, 2000.

    LB2326.3 .I68 2010
    Institutional research and homeland security. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass,

    LB2328 .S94 2010
    Student success in community colleges : a practical guide to developmental
    education. 1st ed. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2010.

    LB2331.7 .T93 2008
    Twale, Darla J. Faculty incivility : the rise of the academic bully culture
    and what to do about it. 1st ed. San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2008.

    LB2341 .D523 2010
    Dickeson, Robert C. Prioritizing academic programs and services :
    reallocating resources to achieve strategic balance. Rev. & updated. San
    Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2010.

    LB2341 .H324 2010
    Harris, Michael. Leading the learner-centered campus : an administrator's
    framework for improving student learning outcomes. 1st ed. San
    Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2010.

    LB2343.32 .R684 2011
    Rowh, Mark. Community college companion : everything you wanted to know
    about succeeding in a two-year school. Indianapolis, IN : Jist Works,

    LB2361.5 .L38 2009
    Lattuca, Lisa R. Shaping the college curriculum : academic plans in context.
    2nd ed. San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2009.

    LB3051 .B86 2006
    Butler, Susan M. A teacher's guide to classroom assessment : understanding
    and using assessment to improve student learning. San Francisco, CA :
    Jossey-Bass, c2006.

    LC221 .C54 2009
    Civic service : service-learning with state and local government partners.
    1st ed. San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2009.

    ML128.M78 D48 2009
    DeVenney, David P. The new Broadway song companion : an annotated guide to
    musical theatre literature by voice type and song style. [Rev. ed.].
    Lanham [Md.] : Scarecrow Press, 2009.

    ML410.S855 J87 2006
    Just tell the story : Troubled island : a collection of documents previously
    published and unpublished, pertaining to the first significant Afro-
    American grand opera, Troubled island, by William Grant Still, with
    librettists Langston Hughes and Verna Arvey. 1st ed. Flagstaff, Ariz. :
    The Master-Player Library, 2006.

    ML420.J175 M45 2009
    Remembering Michael 1958-2009 / from the editors of Life Magazine. New York,
    NY : Time Inc. Home Entertainment, c2009.

    ML420.J175 M525 2009
    Michael Jackson, 1958-2009. New York : People Books, Time Inc. Home
    Entertainment, c2009.

    ML420.J175 T3 2009
    Taraborrelli, J. Randy. Michael Jackson : the magic, the madness, the whole
    story, 1958-2009. 1st Grand Central Publishing ed. New York : Grand
    Central Pub., c2009.

    Fine Arts
    N6761 .H57 2008
    The history of British art. New Haven, Conn. : Yale Center for British
    Art ; London : Tate Britain ; New Haven, CT : Distributed in North America
    by Yale University Press, c2008.

    NA680 .A68 1999
    Archigram. Rev. ed. New York : Princeton Architectural Press, c1999.


    Language and Literature
    P92.U5 W525 2010
    Willis, Jim. 100 media moments that changed America. Santa Barbara, Calif.
    : Greenwood Press, c2010.

    PN2287.M69 T37 2009
    Taraborrelli, J. Randy. The secret life of Marilyn Monroe. 1st ed. New
    York : Grand Central Pub., 2009.

    PQ8098.12.O38 G3813 2010
    Bolano, Roberto. The insufferable gaucho. New York : New Directions, c2010.

    PR2794.R6 I55 2006
    Iniguez, Ma. Lourdes. Romeo y Julieta. 1a ed. Madrid : Anaya, c2006.

    PR6068.O93 Z763 2008
    MacDonald, Joan Vos. J.K. Rowling : banned, challenged, and censored.
    Berkeley Heights, NJ : Enslow Publishers, c2008.

    PS1338 .H66 2008
    Houle, Michelle M. Mark Twain : banned, challenged, and censored. Berkeley
    Heights, NJ : Enslow Publishers, c2008.

    PS3525.A1772 H4 1993
    McCullers, Carson. The heart is a lonely hunter. New York : Modern Library,

    PS3563.C3868 G48 2010
    McMillan, Terry. Getting to happy. New York : Viking, 2010.

    QC903 .G53 2009
    Giddens, Anthony. The politics of climate change. Cambridge ; Malden, MA :
    Polity, 2009.

    QC981.8.C5 O77 2009
    Orr, David W. Down to the wire : confronting climate collapse. Oxford ;
    New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.

    QD181.U7 Z64 2009
    Zoellner, Tom. Uranium : war, energy, and the rock that shaped the world.
    New York : Viking, 2009.

    QH31.D2 A4 2008
    Darwin, Charles. The Beagle letters. Cambridge : Cambridge University
    Press, 2008.

    QH31.D2 A44 2008
    Darwin, Charles. Origins : selected letters of Charles Darwin 1822-1859.
    Anniversary ed. Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press,

    QH31.D2 A47 2008
    Darwin, Charles. Evolution : selected letters of Charles Darwin 1860-1870.
    Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2008.

    QH83 .Y66 2009
    Yoon, Carol Kaesuk. Naming nature : the clash between instinct and science.
    1st ed. New York : W.W. Norton, c2009.

    QH447 .M355 2010
    McElheny, Victor K. Drawing the map of life : inside the Human Genome
    Project. New York, NY : Basic Books, c2010.

    QL696.S8 M66 2009
    Morris, Desmond. Owl. London : Reaktion Books, 2009.

    QL698.3 .S784 2010
    Stutchbury, Bridget Joan. The private lives of birds : a scientist reveals
    the intricacies of avian social life. New York : Walker & Co., c2010.

    QL737.C27 E47 2009
    Ellis, Richard. On thin ice : the changing world of the polar bear. 1st ed.
    New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2009.

    QL785.27 .G73 2010
    Grandin, Temple. Animals make us human : creating the best life for animals.
    1st Mariner Books ed. Boston : Mariner Books, 2010, c2009.

    QP398 .R47 2009
    Restak, Richard M. Think smart : a neuroscientist's prescription for
    improving your brain's performance. New York : Riverhead Books, 2009.

    QR177 .R467 2009
    Resistant infections. Detroit, MI : Greenhaven Press, c2009.


    R154.J39 A3 2009
    Jauhar, Sandeep. Intern : a doctor's initiation. 1st pbk. ed. New York :
    Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2009.

    R692 .B675 2008
    Boulis, Ann K. The changing face of medicine : women doctors and the
    evolution of health care in America. Ithaca : ILR Press, 2008.

    R724 .M845 2009
    Morrison, Adrian R. An odyssey with animals : a veterinarian's reflections
    on the animal rights & welfare debate. New York, N.Y. : Oxford University
    Press, c2009.

    R726 .C35 2010
    Carter, Zoe FitzGerald. Imperfect endings : a daughter's tale of life and
    death. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed. New York, NY : Simon &
    Schuster, 2010.

    R853.C55 S625 2010
    Speid, Lorna. Clinical trials : what patients and healthy volunteers need
    to know. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.

    RA393 .S33 2007
    Scaling up health service delivery : from pilot innovations to policies and
    programmes. Geneva : World Health Organization ; [S.l.] : ExpandNet,

    RA410.53 .C353 2009
    Callahan, Daniel. Taming the beloved beast : how medical technology costs
    are destroying our health care system. Princeton : Princeton University
    Press, c2009.

    RA427.9 .H64 2010
    Hoff, Timothy. Practice under pressure : primary care physicians and their
    medicine in the twenty-first century. New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers
    University Press, c2010.

    RA445 .F27 2005
    Farley, Tom. Prescription for a healthy nation : a new approach to
    improving our lives by fixing our everyday world. Boston : Beacon Press,

    RA601 .B436 2008
    Bhargava, Alok. Food, economics, and health. Oxford ; New York : Oxford
    University Press, 2008.

    RA777.5 .M66 2008
    Monti, Daniel A. The great life makeover : a couples' guide to weight, mood,
    and sex for the best years of your life-- and your relationship. 1st ed.
    New York : Collins Living, c2008.

    RA777.8 .S545 2004
    Simon, Harvey B. The Harvard Medical School guide to men's health : lessons
    from the Harvard mens's health studies. Free Press trade pbk. ed. New
    York : Free Press, 2004, c2002.

    RA784 .P642 2009
    Pollan, Michael. Food rules : an eater's manual. New York : Penguin Books,

    RC71 .S186 2009
    Sanders, Lisa. Every patient tells a story : medical mysteries and the art
    of diagnosis. 1st ed. New York : Broadway Books, c2009.

    RC86.8 .A426 2009
    American Medical Association handbook of first aid and emergency care. Rev.
    & updated ed. New York : Random House Reference, c2009.

    RC88.9.O95 A94 2009
    Auerbach, Paul S. Medicine for the outdoors : the essential guide to first
    aid and medical emergencies. 5th ed. Philadelphia : Mosby/Elsevier,

    RC451.4.P79 W53 2008
    Wicks, Robert J. The resilient clinician. New York : Oxford University
    Press, 2008.

    RC537 .M395 2006
    McManamy, John. Living well with depression and bipolar disorder : what
    your doctor doesn't tell you-- that you need to know. 1st ed. New York :
    Collins, c2006.

    RC537 .R58 2009
    Robbins, Paul R. Understanding depression. 2nd ed. Jefferson, N.C. :
    McFarland & Co., c2009.

    RC547 .F65 2009
    Foldvary-Schaefer, Nancy. The Cleveland Clinic guide to sleep disorders.
    New York : Kaplan Pub., c2009.

    RC553.N36 W54 2009
    McBride, Karyl. Will I ever be good enough? : healing the daughters of
    narcissistic mothers. 1st Free Press trade pbk. ed. New York, N.Y. :
    Free Press, 2009, c2008.

    RC564 .D535 2006
    DiClemente, Carlo C. Addiction and change : how addictions develop and
    addicted people recover. New York : Guilford Press, c2006.

    RC606.64 .G35 2009
    Gallant, Joel E. 100 questions & answers about HIV and AIDS. Sudbury, Mass.
    : Jones and Bartlett Publishers, c2009.

    RJ506.A9 S57 2010
    Siri, Ken. Cutting-edge therapies for autism, 2010-2011. New York, NY :
    Skyhorse Pub., c2010.

    RM222.2 .F5353 2010
    Flat Belly Diet! family cookbook : 150 all-new MUFA recipes. [Emmaus,
    Pa.] : Rodale, c2010.

    RM237.7 .A44 2010
    Low-fat, low-cholesterol cookbook : delicious recipes to help lower your
    cholesterol. 1st pbk. 4th ed. New York : Clarkson Potter, c2010.

    RM265 .A469 2010
    Antibiotic essentials 2010. 9th ed. Sudbury, Mass. : Physicians' Press,

    RM316 .R39 2009
    Hart, Carl L. Drugs, society, and human behavior. 13th ed. New York, NY :
    McGraw-Hill, c2009.

    RT82.8 .C37 2007
    Carroll, Lisa. Acute medicine : a handbook for nurse practitioners.
    Chichester, England ; Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, c2007.

    RT86.54 .G35 2008
    Galanti, Geri-Ann. Caring for patients from different cultures. 4th ed.
    Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2008.


    SB472.45 .H36 2002
    Hannebaum, Leroy G. Landscape design : a practical approach. 5th ed.
    Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall, 2002.

    T385 .H395 2004
    Hearn, Donald. Computer graphics with OpenGL. 3rd ed. Upper Saddle River,
    NJ : Pearson Prentice Hall, c2004.

    TH1560 .A2413 2009
    Achilles, Andreas. Glass construction. Basel ; Boston : Birkhauser, c2009.

    TK7885 .A628 2008
    Anfinson, David. IT essentials. PC hardware and software companion guide.
    3rd ed. Indianapolis, Ind. : Cisco Press, c2008.

    TX360.U6 M83 2009
    Mudry, Jessica J. Measured meals : nutrition in America. Albany : SUNY
    Press, c2009.

    TX719 .C454 2010
    Child, Julia. Mastering the art of French cooking. 40th anniversary ed.
    hardcover ed. ; v.2, new rev. ed. New York : Knopf, 2009, c2001.

    TX739.2.C45 F35 2009
    FamilyFun cookies for Christmas : 50 cute & quick holiday treats. New York,
    N.Y. : Sterling, 2009.

    TX773 .S3139 2010
    Sandler, Lori. The Divvies Bakery cookbook : no nuts, no eggs, no dairy,
    just delicious! 1st ed. New York : St. Martin's Press, 2010.

    TX837 .R623 2005
    Robertson, Robin. Carb-conscious vegetarian : 150 delicious recipes for a
    healthy lifestyle. Emmaus, Pa. : Rodale, c2005.

    TX837 .V4272 2008
    Fast and easy : great foods you can make in minutes. Hoboken, NJ : Wiley
    Pub., c2008.

    Information Resources
    Z665 .L565 2010
    The librarian's book of lists. Chicago : American Library Association, 2010.


    Special Collections: Audio Visual
    [VIDEOV]BL80.2 .R45 1998
    Religions of the world [videorecording]. Wynnewood, PA : Schlessinger Media,
    1999, 1998.

    [VIDEOD]E81 .G74 2005
    The great Indian wars, 1540-1890 [videorecording]. Westlake Village, CA :
    Brentwood Home Video, 2005.

    [VIDEOC]E188 .D63 2002
    Documents of destiny [videorecording]. Thousand Oaks CA : Goldhil Home
    Media : Distributed by Goldhil Video, c2002.

    [VIDEOD]PN1997 .M5697 2000
    Miss Julie [videorecording]. Widescreen version, theatrical release format.
    Santa Monica, CA : MGM Home Entertainment, c2000.

    [VIDEOD]RE771 .S733 2007
    Strabismus evaluation and surgery [videorecording]. San Francisco :
    American Academy of Ophthalmology, 2007, c1993.

    Special Collections: Juvenile
    [JUV]QC981.8.G56 G75 2009
    Gritzner, Charles F. Changing climates. New York : Chelsea House
    Publishers, c2009.

    [JUV]PN6110.C5 Y68 2006
    Harrison, Michael. The young Oxford book of Christmas poems. Oxford :
    Oxford University Press, 2006.

    [JUV]PS3566.A822 D36 2009
    Patterson, James. Daniel X: watch the skies. 1st large print ed. New York,
    N.Y. : Little, Brown and Company, 2009.

    [JUV]PZ7.L5792 El 2010
    Levins, Sandra. Eli's lie-o-meter : a story about telling the truth.
    Washington, DC : Magination Press, 2010.

    Special Collections: Reference
    [REF]E206 .H266 2009
    Hannings, Bud. American Revolutionary War leaders : a biographical
    dictionary. Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., c2009.

    [REF]HQ767.5.U5 P35 2009
    Palmer, Louis J. Encyclopedia of abortion in the United States. 2nd ed.
    Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., c2009.

    [REF]LB2337.2 .C65
    How to get money for college : financing your future beyond federal aid.
    Lawrenceville, NJ : Peterson's, c2009-

    [REF]QD257.7 .R46 2010
    Cooper, Caroline. Organic chemist's desk reference. 2nd ed. Boca Raton :
    Taylor & Francis, 2010.

    [REF]R119.95 .H36 2009
    Handbook of research on distributed medical informatics and e-health.
    Hershey, PA : Medical Information Science Reference, c2009.

    [REF]R121 .M89
    Mosby's medical dictionary. St. Louis : Mosby, 1987-

    [REF]R123 .E47 2009
    Ehrlich, Ann. Medical terminology for health professions. 6th ed. Clifton
    Park, NY : Delmar, Cegage Learning, c2009.

    [REF]R726 .D688 2007
    Dowbiggin, Ian Robert. A concise history of euthanasia : life, death, God,
    and medicine. 1st pbk. ed. Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, 2007.

    [REF]RA778 .W75475 2010
    Women's health encyclopedia : an integrated approach to wellness for every
    season of a woman's life. Pleasantville, N.Y. : Reader's Digest
    Association, c2010.

    [REF]RC376.5 .M693 2009
    Movement disorders sourcebook : basic consumer health information about the
    symptoms and causes of movement disorders, including Parkinson disease,
    amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy,
    multiple sclerosis, myasthenia, myoclonus, spina bifida, dystonia,
    essential tremor, choreatic disorders, Huntington disease, Tourette
    syndrome, and other disorders that cause slowed, absent, or excessive
    movements, along with information about surgical and nonsurgical
    interventions, physical therapies, strategies for independent living, a
    glossary of related terms, and a directory of resources for additional
    help and information. 2nd ed. Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, c2009.

    [REF]RC606.63 .H58 2010
    HIV essentials. 3rd ed. Sudbury, Mass. : Physicians' Press, c2010.

    [REF]RT73 .E88
    McGraw-Hill's nursing school entrance exams. New York : McGraw-Hill, c2009-

    [REF]RT79 .N74
    NSEE : nursing school entrance exams. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2005-

    [REF]RZ440 .B284 2008
    Balch, James F. Prescription for drug alternatives : all-natural options
    for better health without the side effects. Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley &
    Sons, c2008.

    [REF]UH215 .M36 2008
    McCallum, Jack Edward. Military medicine : from ancient times to the 21st
    century. Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2008.