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    Board of Trustees G.E.D.

    Covers up to 12 credit hours of in-district tuition and fees (no lab fees) for the academic year.

    You must meet one of the following requirements:
       1. Pass the High school Equivalency Exam
       2. Complete GED E65 or GED E66
    You must submit your official certificate or other proof of passing the four sections of the GED exam and the Constitution exam
    Submit a letter of Recommendation from an instructor, The form is available in the scholarship application form below
    Complete the application located below on this page
    Complete the following Essay – it must be typed and nor more than 1000 words:
    “A college education can improve a person’s life in many ways. Write a multi-paragraph essay explaining why you would like to go to college. Describe yourself and your life now. Explain your career goals and interest. Identify your educational goals and how attending Triton College can help you achieve them. Conclude by explaining how a college education can increase your opportunities for personal growth.”
    You will also be required to interview with the scholarship committee and participate in the graduation ceremony
    Scholarship must be used within the academic year (Sept. 1-June 30)

    April 1.

    Director of the G.E.D. at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3513.

     Scholarship Application Form  Scholarship Application Form