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    Montgomery GI Bill, Reserve Educational Assistance Program or REAP (Chapter 1607)

    Administered by the Federal Government, Office of Veterans Affairs

    What is it?
    REAP is an education program that provides up to 36 months of benefits to members of the Selected Reserves, Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), and National Guard, who are called or ordered to active service in response to a war or national emergency, as declared by the President or Congress. There is no specific time frame to use REAP; however, your eligibility generally ends when you leave the Selected Reserves.

    To qualify:
    Eligibility is determined by the Department of Defense or Department of Homeland Security. Generally, a member of a Reserve component who serves on active duty on or after September 11, 2001 under title 10, US Code for at least 90 consecutive days under a contingency operation is eligible for REAP.

    To apply:
    A student who HAS NOT used benefits before may apply one of two ways:
    Online at the VA website noted below. Once you receive your letter of eligibility, bring in a copy to the Financial Aid office.
    Come into our office and fill out the Application for Education Benefits VA Form 22-1990 so that we may certify your enrollment via USPS mail.
    A student who HAS used benefits before may apply:
    In person, by completing the application: Request for Change of Program or Place of Training, VA Form 22-1995.
    Also required:
    You will need to supply a copy of your NOBE (DD2384 or 2384-1) and, if applicable, a copy of your DD214 Member 4.
    You will also be required to submit the Military Benefits Data Form.
    Download and review the Responsibilities & Checklist.
    You are also granted credit through this specialized General Petition for two courses, HTH 104 and PED 100, for completing Basic Training.

    Now what?
    Once all the paperwork has been reviewed by our office and your status as a student in good standing has been confirmed, we will certify your classes. Payments will be sent directly to you. It is up to you to confirm your enrollment, monthly, through the VA website when appropriate.

    For more information: www.benefits.va.gov/gibill

    * In order to be eligible to receive benefits a student must:
    Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher.
    Complete 67% of all credits attempted with a grade of C or higher (Grades of W count against your average, will be reported to the appropriate VA agency, and may result in an overpayment of benefits for which the student, alone, will be responsible to repay).
    Have completed a formal academic evaluation of all previous college credit towards the degree which they are pursuing at Triton College, within two semesters of attendance.

    Information as of 06/2012