Architecture Courses

ARC 102 OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training

ARC 103 Universal Building Codes

ARC 107◊ Construction Print & Specification Reading

ARC 109◊ Architectural Drafting Fundamentals

ARC 110◊ Wood and Masonry Construction Technology

ARC 120◊ Steel Construction Technology

ARC 130◊ Concrete Construction Technology

ARC 140◊ MEP Construction Technology

ARC 146◊ Construction Contract Documents

ARC 161◊ Residential Interior Design

ARC 171◊ Architectural Design I

ARC 172◊ Architectural Design II

ARC 187◊ Architectural Drawing and Models

ARC 189◊ Computer Graphics for Architecture I

ARC 198◊ Architectural Technology & Interior Design Seminar

ARC 199◊ Architectural Internship

ARC 213◊ Residential Kitchen and Bath Design

ARC 210◊ Introduction to the History of Architecture

ARC 258◊ Construction Cost Estimating

ARC 260◊ Computer Graphics for Architecture II

ARC 261◊ Revit

ARC 262◊ Revit Production

ARC 263◊ Revit Management

ARC 292◊ Site Design and Construction

ARC 296◊ Special Topics in Architecture and Interior Design