Career Educational Guarantee

Triton College, as a demonstration of its dedication to providing exemplary programs and services, and as a reflection of its pride, confidence and accountability in education and workforce preparation, hereby guarantees that all certificate and degree graduates have obtained the skills specified in the program’s course outlines. Graduates whose employers have determined they are lacking in the skills contained in the program may receive a maximum of 12 credit hours of occupational course work or up to 100 hours of specially designed instruction, free of tuition, subject to the conditions and procedures of the guarantee policy.

Conditions and Notification

To use the guarantee, the graduate will submit a letter to the appropriate dean, with appropriate documentation. The graduate must be employed in a position directly related to the program of study and must submit a letter, jointly signed by the employer, within one year of program completion certifying that the graduate is lacking entry-level skills guaranteed in the program.

  • When a claim is determined to be valid, a written retraining program will be developed by the employer, graduate and program coordinator, subject to the approval of the program’s dean, specifying the course(s) and/or instruction to be provided and the skills to be mastered. The college will have the option of providing retraining through regularly offered courses or by instruction specifically designed for the employee. Course prerequisites and other admission requirements for retraining courses must be met and are not part of this guarantee.
  • Instruction and remediation must be completed within one year from the time the retraining plan is agreed upon.
  • Instruction and remediation will be provided tuition free. Lab fees and other costs are not included in the guarantee and said fees and costs will be the sole responsibility of the student.
  • Program advisory committees validate the list of skills specified in course outlines and may participate in the development of educational guarantee retraining guidelines. In the event of a disagreement between the college and an employer regarding whether or not the student possesses the skills specified in the course outline, the program advisory committee may serve as arbitrator and will make the final determination.

The limits of the college’s liability is to the retraining specified above. Additional conditions or procedures may be required in order to effectuate this guarantee.


This catalog contains information regarding Triton College, which is current at the time of publication. It is not intended to be a complete description of all Triton College’s policies and procedures, nor is it intended to be a contract. This catalog and its provisions are subject to change at any time, and may be revised by Triton College in the future without advance notice.