Clinical Exercise Specialist Advanced Certificate

Curriculum HSE.XSP.CERT (C536A)

Clinical Exercise Specialist Certificate prepares students who are either currently enrolled or have completed the Personal Trainer Certification program (C336A) and current fitness professionals the opportunity to educate themselves on training individuals within the community who present with special considerations and diseases. Students will learn to competently and professionally deliver high-quality and appropriate health and fitness training to the growing number of individuals suffering from diseases or specific conditions such as a handicap, pregnancy, or various ages and cognitive levels of functioning accomplished by providing the student with the necessary knowledge and skills regarding basic pathophysiology, disease symptomatology, treatment (both conventional and exercise-related) and special considerations regarding obesity, conditions, and diseases in order to prepare the student for related certification testing such as Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist via American Council on Exercise or American College of Sport Medicine.

Last Update Effective: 8/25/13

Semester One

Credit Hours


HTH 120

Nutrition Science



HTH 215

Lifestyle Diseases



HTH 216

Wellness & Exercise for Special Populations








Total credits required


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Chairperson: Julianne Murphy, Ext. 3087