College Readiness

The College Readiness program at Triton provides students with a foundation in reading, writing, Mathematics and other basic skills. This foundation significantly increases opportunities for success at college and in the job market. The program also seeks to encourage self-appraisal and the determination of realistic educational goals.

Students enrolled in College Readiness are offered a program of instruction and tutoring. All these services are provided in a central location on the lower level of the Learning Resource Center, Room A-100.

College Readiness Courses

Instruction is offered in reading and study skills, writing, pre-Algebra and Algebra. All students are required to take Triton College's administered placement tests that determine whether the student places into these courses.

Upon placement and registration, the students will benefit from the special features of these courses, including: reduced class size and separate sections for students studying English as a Second Language.


RHT 085

College Reading I

(primary course)


RHT 086

College Reading II

(required on advisement)


RHT 095

College Writing I

(primary course)


RHT 096

College Writing II

(required on advisement)


MAT 045




MAT 055

Algebra & Geometry I



MAT 085

Algebra & Geometry II



MAT 095

Basic Skills Test Math Review for Prospective Teachers

(Math review)

Students earn Triton College credit for each course. These credits do not transfer and do not count toward graduation. They do count toward the GPA.

College Readiness Math Course Requirements

Students who place into College Readiness Mathematics are able to complete their remediation and successfully take a Math course that will fulfill their degree requirements in two years or less. The following sequence is advised for students to complete their Math AA or AS degree requirements:

Step 1: Before taking a Math Placement Test, attend one of the FREE Math review sessions designed to help students refresh their skills and prepare for the placement test or work through one of the self-study options provided by the Mathematics Department. Review sessions are offered at least once a month. Information about placement test preparation can be found on the Triton College Mathematics Department Website at:

Step 2: Take a placement test in the Testing Center, Room A-126. Students may use a calculator on the exam.

Step 3: The score you receive will indicate which level of Mathematics is best for you. The courses for which you are eligible will be on the evaluation form. Many students need a refresher class before they are ready to take a course which will fulfill the degree requirements. The class indicated on the form will be the starting point for you.

Step 4: Register for your first Mathematics class during your first semester at Triton. Sometimes students need more than one brush-up class before they can take a class which will meet the degree requirements. Do not wait to take Math classes until the last semester you are here at Triton; this may very well delay your graduation.

Step 5: Students who are getting an AA or AS degree may fulfill their degree requirements with many courses. The gen-ed courses that have the prerequisite of MAT 085, Algebra and Geometry II, are MAT 101◊,

Quantitative Literacy, MAT 102◊, Liberal Arts Math, MAT 170◊, Elementary Statistics and MAT 117◊, Math for Elementary School Teachers. These courses are all IAI approved for transfer.

Step 6: Students who are intending to transfer to a four-year college or university should see a counselor for additional information about the Math requirements of the degree they wish to pursue. If you are not intending to pursue a four-year degree and are not transferring, or if you are unsure of your planned area of study, MAT 101◊ and/or MAT 102◊, MAT 170◊ are recommended as your choice for fulfilling your Math requirements for an Associate’s degree (AA degree - one course, AS degree - two courses).