Computer Information Systems Courses

CIS 100◊ Introduction to Computer Systems

CIS 101◊ Introduction to Computer Science

CIS 105◊ A+ PC Hardware & Software

CIS 106◊ A+ PC Maintenance & Repair

CIS 110 Social Networking and Web 2.0

CIS 119◊ Windows

CIS 121◊ Introduction to Programming

CIS 125◊ Discrete Mathematics for Computing

CIS 140◊ Microsoft Word I

CIS 142◊ Microsoft Word II

CIS 144◊ Microsoft PowerPoint

CIS 150◊ Computer Systems Applications

CIS 155◊ Microsoft Excel I

CIS 157◊ Microsoft Access I

CIS 158◊ Introduction to the World Wide Web

CIS 161◊ Microsoft Excel II

CIS 167◊ Microsoft Access II

CIS 174◊ LAN Administration: Windows Client

CIS 176◊ LAN Administration Windows Server

CIS 177◊ Introduction to Linux

CIS 178◊ Administering Web Servers

CIS 179◊ Linux System Administration

CIS 189◊ Internet Foundations

CIS 190◊ Web Site Development

CIS 192◊ Server-Side Programming

CIS 195◊ Programming for Engineers

CIS 196◊ E-Commerce

CIS 220◊ Introduction to Network Security

CIS 222◊ Administering Network Infrastructure

CIS 224◊ Managing a Network Environment

CIS 226◊ Advanced Network Security

CIS 228◊ Administering Directory Services

CIS 236◊ Introduction to Wireless LAN Administration

CIS 238◊ Introduction to Computer Forensics

CIS 240◊ Advanced Computer Forensics

CIS 250◊ Visual Basic Programming

CIS 253◊ Advanced Visual Basic Programming

CIS 255◊ C++ Programming

CIS 257◊ Access Programming

CIS 260◊ Cooperative Work Experience

CIS 261 Cooperative Work Experience

CIS 262◊ Oracle DBMS Development

CIS 263◊ Java Programming

CIS 264◊ C# Programming

CIS 265◊ Computer Architecture and Assembly Language

CIS 267◊ Advanced Access Programming

CIS 275◊ Project Management for Small-Business Systems

CIS 276◊ Operating Systems Introduction

CIS 277◊ Windows Command Processing

CIS 278◊ Database Management Systems

CIS 280◊ Business Systems Analysis and Design

CIS 295◊ Data Structures with C++

CIS 299◊ Special Topics in Computer Information Systems

CIS 310◊ Data Communications & Networking Fundamentals

CIS 312◊ Internetworking, Routing and Switching