Disciplinary Probation and Disqualification

Students who fail to comply with Triton Community College policies, regulations, and rules will be subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal from the College. Disciplinary hearings will be facilitated through the Dean of Student Services office or designee, and conducted by the Student Conduct Committee. The Student Conduct Committee will be appointed by the Vice President of Student Affairs and membership will be reviewed on an annual basis.

In cases of suspension or dismissal, the decision of the Student Conduct Committee may be grieved through the Student Life Committee. In cases which involve academic concerns, grievances will be initiated with instructor, department chairperson, and academic dean. The decision of the academic dean is final.

A student accused of violating College policies and/or regulations may be diverted from the disciplinary process if it is determined that the student is suffering from a psychological disorder and, as a result of the psychological disorder, engages or threatens to engage in a behavior which poses a danger of causing physical harm to self or others, or would cause significant property damage or impedes the lawful activities of others.

Board Policy # 5213; last updated: 03/16/10