Early Childhood Education Courses (ECE)

ECE 110◊ Early Child Development

ECE 111◊ Introduction to Early Childhood Education

ECE 115◊ Infant/Toddler Development

ECE 118◊ Health, Nutrition & Safety

ECE 121◊ Language Development & Activities

ECE 122◊ Infant/Toddler Care and Curriculum

ECE 136◊ School Age Programming

ECE 138◊ Observation, Assessment, Curriculum and Guidance of Young Children

ECE 142◊ Students with Disabilities in School

ECE 146◊ Child, Family & Community

ECE 150◊ Teacher Assistant/Aide Test Preparation and Review

ECE 151◊ Communicating with Parents and Children

ECE 152◊ Principles of Child Growth and Development, Birth - 5

ECE 153◊ Guiding Children and Managing the Classroom

ECE 154◊ Activities and Resources for Young Children I

ECE 155◊ Activities and Resources for Young Children II

ECE 156◊ Effective Teaching

ECE 230◊ Theory of Play

ECE 231◊ Science and Math for Children

ECE 233◊ Creative Activities for the Young Child

ECE 250◊ Administration & Supervision of Early Childhood Programs

ECE 251◊ Practicum

ECE 252◊ Seminar

ECE 296◊ Special Topics in Early Childhood Education