ENT 111◊ Metrology with Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

3 credits

Last Update Effective: 8/22/10

Covers the application of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Emphasis is placed on part measurements for quality control purposes, from datum plane referencing for fit and finish, functional gaging to interpreting GD&T symbols on various types of industrial drawings, such as machine tool, welding, forging and plastic parts. Instrument accuracy and GRR (gage repeatability and reproducibility) are covered with the proper use and application of precision measuring instruments. An excellent course for anyone looking to do Quality Control and/or work in an R&D testing environment. This class needs to be taken in the first or second semester of joining the Engineering Technology program. (formerly Dimensional Metrology)

Lecture: 2 hours

Laboratory: 2 hours

(course fee required)