Health Services

The Board of Trustees recognizes that health services should be made available to all students. The Health Service Office, (located in Room B-112 in the Student Center), will provide the services of a registered nurse during scheduled class hours to care for emergency, illness or injury. Parents or next of kin will be notified of any serious illness or accident occurring at Triton College. If necessary, the student will be transported to a medical facility by ambulance. The cost of treatment shall be the responsibility of the student.

The following health services will be provided to all:

Health Services:

  1. Caring of the ill and injured student.
  2. Dispensing of non-prescriptive medications.
  3. Referral to other health agencies
  4. Offering of routine tests
  5. Wellness and Health Education programming

Board Policy # 5506; last updated: 01/27/04

Note: Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times concerning any visits to the Health Services Office.

Health Career students will need to meet additional specific health requirements. Consult the individual programs or the Health Services Office for further information at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3359.

Triton College/Student Policy for Drug‑Free Campus

It is the policy of Triton College, District 504, to provide a "drug-free" campus environment as defined by college policy as approved by the Board of Trustees. The college policy is made available to all students via the student handbook and is disseminated throughout the college community.

Triton College prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of a controlled substance within the campus environment. Appropriate sanctions include but are not limited to:

  1. Required participation in an approved chemical dependency program provided by the Student Assistance Plan (SAP)
  2. Disciplinary warning
  3. Suspension
  4. Dismissal

Such sanctions will be imposed on students found to be in violation of this policy.

Substance abuse counseling is available via the Student Assistance Program. Information regarding the Student Assistance Program is available from the Counseling department. Additional information regarding the dangers of drug abuse is available in the Counseling Center, Triton College Library and Health Services.

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

The use of alcohol at college functions is inconsistent with the institution’s endorsement of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 (Public Law 101-226) and its Drug-Free Campus Policy.

Alcoholic beverages may not be served on the Triton College premises except for instructional purposes (i.e., hospitality industry management and/or associated programming). In these cases, prior approval must be granted in writing through the supervising academic dean. In the service of alcoholic beverages for associated instructional purposes, the following procedures should be strictly followed:

  • The serving of alcoholic beverages must be incidental to and not the primary purpose for the activity at which alcoholic beverages are served. Alcoholic beverages may only be served at catered events and associated with the delivery of a pre-approved instructional program.
  • Alcoholic beverages may be served on those portions of the Triton campus that are used for food service and convention-type activities. The serving of alcoholic beverages shall be limited to participants in educational activities held in such facilities.
  • No person under 21 years of age, nor anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or dangerous substances or who is disorderly in conduct, may serve, consume or dispense alcoholic beverages.
  • Supervising faculty must demonstrate that they can comply responsibly with all the laws and college regulations pertaining to the use of alcoholic beverages on campus.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be served until the Vice President of Business Services or designee shall be satisfied that there exists maximum insurance coverage limits so as to save harmless Triton College from all financial loss, damage and harm.

Student Assistance Plan

At Triton College, student success is a primary concern. Services are provided to assist students both academically and financially. In cooperation with Perspectives, students can receive personalized attention when they need it, quickly and privately.

The Student Assistance Plan will help assess their problems and concerns. They will be referred for the appropriate treatment and follow-up will occur to ensure that the treatment was suitable for the student.

The first step to solving a student’s problems is to contact a Triton counselor at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3588. Students should tell the counselor that they are interested in the Student Assistance Plan. The counselor will connect them with a staff member of Perspectives who will work directly with the student. If the Triton Counseling Center is not open, students may contact the Perspectives directly at (800) 866-7556. The SAP counselor will assist the student as quickly as possible.

Clean Indoor Air Policy

Triton College is dedicated to providing a healthy working environment for all of its students, employees, and guests.

As of July 1, 1990, the "Illinois Clean Indoor Air Act" took effect. This law states that "No person shall smoke in a public place except in that portion of a public place which may be established and posted."

In light of these findings, Triton College shall implement the following changes as of July 1, 2006.

  • All buildings on the campus of Triton College shall be entirely smoke-free.
  • There shall be no smoking within 15 feet of any building entrance.
  • The Vice President of Business Service may establish designated smoking areas as deemed necessary or for special events providing adequate ventilation and disposal facilities are available.
  • No tobacco products shall be sold on campus.
  • All public meetings will be smoke-free.
  • Triton College shall offer stop-smoking programs for those employees who smoke and would like to quit smoking.