Mathematics Courses

MAT 045 Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra

MAT 050 Pre-Algebra

MAT 055 Algebra & Geometry I

MAT 080 Preparation for General Education Mathematics

MAT 085 Algebra & Geometry II

MAT 095 Basic Skills Test Math Review for Prospective Teachers

MAT 096 Algebra/Geometry Review

MAT 099 Math for Meds

MAT 101◊ Quantitative Literacy

MAT 102◊ Liberal Arts Mathematics

MAT 103◊ Applied Intermediate Algebra

MAT 110◊ College Algebra

MAT 111◊ Pre-Calculus

MAT 114◊ Plane Trigonometry

MAT 116◊ Math for Elementary School Teachers I

MAT 117◊ Math for Elementary School Teachers II

MAT 122◊ Technical Mathematics

MAT 124◊ Finite Mathematics

MAT 131◊ Calculus & Analytic Geometry I

MAT 133◊ Calculus & Analytic Geometry II

MAT 134◊ Introduction to Calculus for Business & Social Science

MAT 170◊ Elementary Statistics

MAT 224◊ Linear Algebra

MAT 235◊ Calculus & Analytic Geometry III

MAT 341◊ Differential Equations

Enrollment into mathematics courses is based on student performance on the Triton math placement test.