NUR 145◊ Nursing Care of Individuals with Commonly Recurring Adaptation Problems I

5 credits

Last Update Effective: 1/18/16

Focuses on a holistic approach to the nursing care of individuals with adaptation problems that occur across the life span, including those of the childbearing and childrearing family, within a multicultural society. Includes commonly recurring problems related to the psychosocial modes and to the physiologic needs of oxygenation, nutrition, elimination, activity and rest, and protection. Problem solving and critical thinking skills are emphasized in the utilization of the nursing process. (One 100-level nursing course may be repeated with the approval by the Nursing Admission Committee.)

Prerequisite: Score of 100% on Dosages and Solutions Math test; NUR 130◊, NUR 135◊, EDU 206◊ and concurrent enrollment in BIS 137◊ or BIS 241◊ and NUR 146

Lecture: 3 hours
Laboratory: 2 hours

Clinical Laboratory: 2 hours

(course fee required)