Out-of-District Resident Employed In-District

A student who resides outside of the Triton College district, but is employed by a company/organization within the district will be entitled to in-district tuition rates if the following conditions for contract training are met:

  1. The student must first apply for a chargeback from their local community college if the program of study is not offered by that district.
  2. An authorized agent of the company must complete the contract training form, verifying that the student is employed at least 35 hours per week and in a job-related course and/or program of study.
  3. All contract training forms submitted by the student are subject to verification by the college.
  4. A separate contract training form must be submitted each semester, prior to the start of classes, to confirm eligibility.

Board Policy # 5116; last updated: 06/20/95

For more information, contact the Call Center (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3130.

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