Social and Political Science

Curriculum SOC.PSC.AA (U224A45)

These courses offer a study of contemporary political and economic issues. Social Science courses provide an historical perspective. Political Science courses examine the nature of the state both nationally and internationally.

Last Update Effective: 1/20/09

Recommended courses:


PSC 150

American National Politics



PSC 151

American State and Urban Politics



PSC 184

Global Politics



PSC 296

Special Topics in Political Science


(Select courses that meet the BA requirements of your transfer college.)

General education requirements: AA degree


Social/Political Science courses or other electives for AA degree


See PSC course descriptions; SSC course descriptions.

Recommended electives include courses in History, Economics, Anthropology, Foreign Languages, Education, Literature, Sociology and Geography.

Chairperson: Bill Decker, Ext. 3509