Sustainable Landscape Practices

Curriculum HRT.SUS.CERT (C401D)

Provides the student with training in sustainable agriculture and horticulture practices and the necessary background to pursue a career in sustainable agriculture technology. The program includes landscape and home gardening practices that provide conservation and sustainable practices. Topics covered include green roofs, water gardens, natural gardens, xeriscaping and other related sustainable agricultural practices. Students will examine common landscape and agricultural practices that have an adverse effect on the environment and explore solutions to those problems. Environmental aspects of bioenergy also is included.

Upon successful completion of the Sustainable Landscape Practices program, the graduate will be able to:

  • describe environmental issues that directly affect landscape and agricultural production practices;
  • describe solutions to address environmental issues caused by today's common agricultural and landscape practices;
  • list and describe agricultural practices to provide for a healthier environment;
  • describe sustainable practices in environmental conservation;
  • describe current trends in sustainable practices in agriculture, horticulture and bioenergy;
  • use technology procedures to develop sustainable practices; and
  • identify related career opportunities.

Last Update Effective: 8/21/11

Semester One

Credit Hours


HRT 100

Introduction to Horticulture



HRT 125

Plants and Society1



HRT 127

Entomology: Insects, People and Plants



HRT 270

Sustainable Landscape Practices






Semester Two


BIS 105

Environmental Biology



HRT 135

Soils & Fertilizers



HRT 275

Innovations in Sustainability








Total credits required


See HRT course descriptions.

1HRT 125◊ meets the Mathematics and/or Science general education requirement.

Coordinator: Tricia Wagner, Ext. 3550

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