Teacher Aide Certificate

Curriculum EDU.AID.CERT (C320C)

The Teacher Aide certificate provides Paraprofessional preparation for students who wish to directly support teachers and children in the classroom.

Students will study child development theory, educational foundations and practices that will be applied during a supervised field experience in a school setting.

This certificate has the potential to serve three groups of students.

  • Future Paraprofessionals for non-Title I programs. By completing this curriculum, students who have little or no college experience will have a set of courses in general education and teacher preparation to be certified as a paraprofessional in non-Title I positions.
  • Future Paraprofessionals pursuing an Associate’s degree. Individuals can use the certificate as a stepping-stone toward completion of the AAS degree. By completing the certificate program they would achieve a credential at the halfway point of their program. (They also would be certified as a paraprofessional for work in non-Title I programs.)
  • Incumbent Paraprofessionals. This curriculum will serve those who possess college credits, when combined with or applied to the certificate requirements, total 60 or more credit hours. These individuals would then meet the requirements of No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and be eligible to work in Title I positions.

Last Update Effective: 8/25/13

Semester One

Credit Hours


ECE 110

Early Childhood Development



ECE 136

School-Age Programming



ECE 153

Guiding Children and Managing the Classroom




ECE 111

Introduction to Early Childhood Education or



EDU 207

Introduction to Education



PSY 100

Introduction to Psychology



RHT 101

Freshman Rhetoric & Composition I






Semester Two


ECE 121

Language Development & Activities



ECE 142

Students with Disabilities in School or



EDU 200

Introduction to Special Education



EDU 105

Technology for Educators



EDU 215

Educational Psychology



SPE 101

Principles of Effective Speaking








Total credits required


Note: A minimum grade of "C" is a required for each ECE or EDU course in all ECE programs. 2.0 Grade Point Average is required for graduation.

See ECE course descriptions.

Chairperson: Mary Ann Olson, Ext. 3978

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