Academic Senate
Academic & Scholastic Standards  

The Academic and Scholastic Standards Committee is a standing committee of the Academic Senate specifically responsible for reviewing and recommending revisions for academic and collegiate standards. Responsibilities include such functions as reviewing and recommending student academic standards, or policies (e.g. withdrawal requirements, probation and dismissal, academic honesty, "I" grades, credit by exam, etc), or academic and scholastic issues which, in the spirit of shared governance, are appropriate for input from this committee.


The committee will consist of 10 - 16 members representing the following areas:      

Chair: Co-chairs: One of whom is a member of the Academic Senate

5 - 10 other faculty representatives selected from the following areas: 
        2 from School of Arts and Sciences 
        2 from Career Education
        1 Counselor

1-2 Student representatives from Phi Theta Kappa and/or the Scholars' Program

Administrative representative from School of Arts and Sciences
Administrative representative from Careers

Administrative representative from Health Careers and Public Service Programs  

Representative from Student Affairs 
Representative from Financial Aid   

 Committee Members:


Julie Gilbert            

Chairperson & Faculty, Business (V)

D. Lenier Anderson         Faculty, Computer (V)
Marilyn Craig

Adjunct Faulty (R)

Jenny Giangrego     Faculty, English (V)
Blanca Gutierrez     Academic Success Center (R)

Sandy Hughes

Dean, Health & Public Services (V)

Kelsey Kleindon

Student Representative (V)

Kent Randall     Faculty, Speech (R)

Ric Segovia    

Dean, Arts & Sciences (V)

Beth Seuffert     Student Representative (V)

Lance Wilson

Faculty, Science (V)

Tracy Wright    

Faculty, Counseling (V)

Sujith Zachariah  

Associate Dean, Enrollment Services (R)

Marie-Ange Zicher

Instructional Technologist (R)

(to be filled)            

Dean, Business and Technology (V)


V) = Voting member

(R) = Resource member

Meeting Schedule: 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm in F214 Conference Room
Monday, February 3
Monday, March 3
Monday, March 31 (for April)
Monday, May 5