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Academic Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Senate.

Student Learning Assessment is a means of documenting student learning at Triton College that goes beyond course grades. The purpose of student learning assessment is to bring into sharper focus the accomplishments and/or weaknesses of each program or academic area. The information gathered will be used by faculty members to decide on maintenance or adjustment for their courses or program when deemed necessary. Student learning assessment will also allow the College to become more articulate in its communication efforts to its constituents.

Serve as resources to faculty and consulting body to the Office of Institutional Research in the development and engagement of academic assessment programs.

Board Policy for Assessment of Student Learning

Committee Membership (updated March 2012):
• Nine (9) Full-Time Faculty Members from the following areas:
• Four (4) from Arts and Sciences
• Two (2) from Business and Technology
• One (1) from Health Careers and Public Services Programs
• One (1) from Counseling
• One (1) from the Library.
• Two (2) Adjunct Faculty Members
• One (1) Representative from Research and Institutional Effectiveness
• One (1) Academic Dean
• The Director of Teaching and Learning
• One (1) Representative from Continuing Education

For questions regarding assessment, please contact Larry Manno, Academic Assessment Committee Chair, at or X-3003.

TK-20 Information

Beginning Fall 2016, TK-20 will be fully operational for assessment purposes.  Click on the link below to learn what your program needs to do in order to start using TK-20.

TK-20 Information

2014-2015 Triton College Assessment Handbook (updated September 2014)
   • Part I: What is assessment?
   • Part II: Why is it necessary to perform student learning assessments?
   • Part III: Assessment process at Triton College
   • Part IV: The Assessment Committee
   • Part V: Recommendations for creating assessment plans
   • Part VI: Using assessment results
   • Part VII: Assessment of general education outcomes
   • Part VIII: Program goals, outcomes, and mapping
   • Part IX: Useful resources

Program Information

   • General Education Outcomes Mapping
   • Program Outcomes Mapping

Assessment Data and Information
   • Minutes of Meetings
   • General Education Outcomes Assessment Plan
   • Annual Reports
   • 2015-2016 Assessment Plans  

2015-2016 Assessment Reports

2015-2016 Assessment Implementation Reports

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