Academic Senate

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is a standing committee of the Academic Senate specifically responsible for reviewing and recommending methods of coordinating promotional strategies for the college and also reviewing marketing strategies for specific activities.

1. Review marketing research relating to critical problems facing the college and plan marketing initiatives.
2. Plan and review institutional, departmental, and special events marketing strategies.

The membership of the committee will consist of representatives from the following areas:
Chair: A member of the Academic Senate
A minimum of 7 other faculty representatives from the following areas:
   • 3 from School of Arts and Sciences
   • 3 from Career Education
   • 1 non-teaching faculty
Administrator from Academic Affairs
Administrator from Student Services
Director of Marketing
Representative from Admissions
Representative from Continuing Education
Representative from Adult Education
Representative from Institutional Advancement
Representative from Strategic Enrollment
Student Representative

Member of Information Systems
Representative from Research and Assessment
Marketing Consultant/Agency Representative
Manager/Technical Director of Performing Arts Center
(A single member of the committee may represent more than one of the above areas)

Meeting Schedule:
Meeting time to be established by the Chair in consultation with the members of the committee.

Disposition of items acted on by the Committee:
All recommendations of the Marketing Committee will be forwarded to the TCFA and the Academic Senate.

The internal operation of the Marketing Committee will be conducted within the framework of the following procedure statements:
I. Meetings:
   A. The Committee will establish regular meeting days and times.
   B. The agenda will be submitted to all members at least one week in advance of the meeting.
   C. All meetings will begin promptly and adjourn at the predetermined time.
   D. If any member of the Committee is unable to attend, he/she will notify the Chair in advance of the meeting.
   E. All meetings are open to the college community at large.
II. Action by the Committee:
   A. A quorum will consist of a majority of the members of the Committee.
   B. Only items on the published agenda will be formally acted on by the Committee.