Academic Senate

Campus Quality Committee

The Campus Quality is a standing committee of the Academic Senate specifically responsible for reviewing quality of life concerns of Triton students, faculty and staff and recommending solutions that will enhance the quality of life for students, faculty and other Triton employees.

The mission of the Campus Quality Committee is to make recommendations in those areas where a consensus exists on ways to improve the academic, social and physical character of campus life. Campus Quality Committee identifies, analyzes and provides suggested solutions for the challenges and opportunities concerning the quality of campus life for students, faculty and staff. The Campus Quality Committee reports to the Academic Senate.

   • To study the need for new physical facilities and for physical plan modifications.
   • To consider other aspects that affect the ability of Triton faculty and staff to be productive.

Committee is comprised of 12 voting members that include the following
   • Chair: Faculty member of Academic Senate
   • 5 Faculty
      • Arts & Sciences
      • Business & Technology
      • Health Career/Public Service
      • Library
      • Counseling
   • 1 Representative Adjunct Faculty
   • 1 Representative from Facilities
   • 1 Representative from Information Services/Systems
   • 1 Representative from Student Affairs/Academic Affairs
   • 1 Representative from Police
   • 1 Student Representative

For questions regarding Campus Quality, please contact Christina Brophy, Campus Quality Committee Chair, at or Ext. 3549.

Christina Brophy (Chair)
Bill Decker
Kathi Deresinski
Maria-Tereza Dyer
George Lam
Jacqueline Mullany
Dubravka Juraga
Nathan Savage
Jennifer Smith
Jim Ellison
John Hansen
John Lambrecht
Michael Garrity
Debbie Baness-King
Pamela Perry
Humberto Espino
Gail Krahenbuhl

Campus Quality Committee meetings will be held at 2:30pm in D-126 on the following dates:
September 21, 2017
October 19, 2017
November 16, 2017
February 15, 2018
March 15, 2018
April 19, 2018