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Becoming a Member of Chi Zeta Chapter
Becoming a member is by invitation only. There is a one-time fee for lifetime membership. The fee is identified in the invitation email. It goes to Phi Theta Kappa Nationals, with a portion of it returning back to the chapter. The funds that return back to the chapter are used to cover the costs of running the chapter on our campus, including the costs of holding the Fall and Spring Induction Ceremonies and part of the costs for participating in various Phi Theta Kappa national and local events.

The requirements to be invited are as follows:
Have completed at least 12 college level credit hours. These hours need to be part of a set of courses that results in being awarded an AA, AS, or AAS degree or certificate program that roles up into one of these kinds of degrees.
You have to have a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA. This GPA includes all courses taken over the lifetime of being a student at Triton College.
You must be enrolled in college level courses at Triton College for the semester of invitation.

There is an expiration date for the invitation received. It is the end of the semester of invitation. Please do no procrastinate.

Accepting the invitation requires the Acceptance Code provided in the invitation. It has to be entered exactly as presented, on the Phi Theta Kappa website, at

Invitations are only extended in the Fall and Spring terms via email only, on the following schedule:
   • Fall semester: mid-September
   • Spring semester: mid-February

The invitation list is generated from a report run out of our school’s database system against the above criteria. The report is not perfect and it is very possible that a person who is already a Phi Theta Kappa member will be invited again. If you are this person, please ignore the invitation. If you are not enrolled for the semester at the time the report is run, your name will not come up in the report. Please make a point of being enrolled prior to the start of the semester.

If you think you should have been invited and do not receive an invitation via email, please contact the Phi Theta Kappa Chi Zeta Chapter Advisor, Antigone Sharris, at to have your transcript evaluated for invitation. She will need your Colleague ID and mailing address, including zip code, to be able to evaluate your transcripts and issue you an invitation if you do qualify for membership.

For details on member benefits, please see the Phi Theta Kappa national website:

Becoming an Officer of Chi Zeta Chapter
Being an officer for this chapter requires the following:
Team coordinate and deliver a Fall and Spring Induction Ceremony
Ensure Phi Theta Kappa is represented at Student Life events
Develop and deliver Phi Theta Kappa events during the school year for at least the Honors in Action Project and College Project
Attend on-campus officer meetings
Team coordinate to enter at least one category in the regional awards program for Phi Theta Kappa's Hallmark Awards
Team coordinate to submit at least 3 entries in the Hallmark Awards including the Honors in Action Project Award, College Project Award, and at least one other individual award

Phi Theta Kappa regalia is provided by the chapter (Officer Medallion, Graduation Cords, Phi Theta Kappa Stole and Tassel) only for officers that fulfill all of the above requirements.

Once an officer position is vacant, the officer team will vote to promote an active Phi Theta Kappa Chi Zeta member to officer status with the advisor’s consent and approval.

Officer elections are done in the Fall and Spring terms, after the Induction Ceremonies. We encourage new inductees to consider this opportunity to be a leader. Contact the Chapter Advisor or one of the current student leaders for more details. Contact information found under Contact Us.

Benefits of being an officer:
   • Officers develop spirit de corps while working together
   • Working closely with various on and off campus leadership
   • Opportunities to develop and use planning, leadership, and organizational skills
   • Opportunities for personal recognition and building self-confidence
   • Opportunities to support and participate in programs at Triton College and in the community
   • Opportunities for travel
   • Forming close relationships
   • Resume worthy
   • University scholarship application worthy

Challenges of being an officer:
   • Tolerating each other’s idiosyncrasies
   • Feeling panic and uncertainty at facing new tasks
   • Keeping perspective and ego “in check”
   • Wanting to do it all with only 24 hours in a day
   • Coping with unforeseen events that keep someone from top performance or following through on an assignment
   • Figuring out how to do it… as a team
   • Looking for the goodness in everyone