Financial Aid Partnership Programs


Triton College has entered into a pilot partnership with Dominican University and Governors State University that provides for students to complete an Associate’s Degree at Triton and transfer to Dominican or Governors State to complete a Bachelor’s Degree and receive up to $5,500 more in MAP Grant funds for choosing this path.

The pilot is designed to complement the 2+2 programs that already exist and help students reduce their debt load while completing a degree. Students would be admitted to a baccalaureate degree program but attend a community college that has an articulation agreement with the bachelor's degree-granting school and then transfer to the baccalaureate degree-granting institution to complete their degrees. Since the dollar amounts of students’ MAP grants are smaller for attendance at a community college, students are allowed to carry forward the difference between the amount that their MAP grant would have been at their bachelor’s degree institution of choice and their community college MAP award. The difference in the award amount for each of the freshman and sophomore years is saved and added to the student’s MAP grant for his/her junior and senior years.

In order to be eligible for MAP 2+2, a student must:
  • have been accepted at Dominican University or Governors State University 
  • be MAP eligible and their applications must not be in a suspended status 
  • be enrolled in sufficient hours to graduate in four years 
  • not have initially accrued more than 15 MAP paid credit hours 
  • continue enrollment with Triton and Dominican or Governors State and cannot receive the benefit of the “saved” MAP if he/she attends a baccalaureate degree granting school that was not part of the original agreement after completing the first two years. 
  • If, after the first 2 years, the student does not meet the eligibility requirements to matriculate to Dominican or Governors State, he/she is no longer eligible to participate in the MAP 2+2 pilot. 
  • Students’ eligibility will be impacted by all the normal activities in MAP e.g. suspense, shutdown, release, late claims (if applicable), etc.



Partnering universities may have additional requirements.
To see if you qualify or to learn more about the program, please contact one of the following representatives:

Dominican University
Michael Morsovillo
Director of Transfer Admissions
(708) 524-6793

Governors State University
Jose Reyes
Director of the Dual Degree Program and Transfer Articulation
(708) 534-4494