Black Heritage Council

Celebrating the Golden Jubilee of the Civil Rights Act

Black History Month Calender of Events 2014:  

This year's Black History Month programs have been sponsored and supported by the following:
Dr. Patricia Granados, President, Triton College

Black Heritage Council Members:
  Larry McGhee, Counseling, President
  Sandra Berryhill, Counseling, Treasurer
  Freida Spiller-Iverson, Career Services, Event Chair
  Brenda Patton -Ismail, Human Resources, Fundraising Chair
  Richard Brown, Admissions
  Debra Carpenter, C.A.A.S
  Kathy Cunningham, Counseling
  Doris Davenport, T.C.S.A.
  Gail Krahenbuhl, English Faculty
  Crystal Loggins, Admissions
  Dr. Quincy Martin, AVP, Student Affairs
  Rosa Parker, Academic & Student Affairs
  Brenda Patton-Ismail, Human Resources
  Alicia Roberson, Marketing
  Antwan Standberry, Network Services
  Dr. Magalene Sudduth, Counseling
  Khallai Taylor, CIS Faculty
  Dr. Amanda Turner, Dean, Enrollment Services
  Mikenya Webster, Alumni Relations
  Corey Williams, Dean, Student Services

Special Thanks:
  Thomas D. Olson,Triton College Foundation, President
  Triton College Program Board
  Triton College Student Association
  Triton College Career Services
  Black Academic Student Association
  My Roots
  Dean Deborah Baness-King
  AVP Michael Garrity
  Mary Jeans, PDC
  AVP John Lambrecht
  Chief Jeff Sargent
  Lucy Smith, Faculty Librarian
  Richard Williams, Career Services
  Johnny Urbina, Director of Student Life