Student Code of Conduct and The Triton Trust

We, the students of Triton College, acknowledge the need to establish a guide which will enable us to pursue the institution’s goal of excellence in education.

In order to pursue this goal, the Triton Trust has been created on this day, June 25, 1991, established by the students for the students.

The Triton Trust

Being a student at Triton College entitles one to certain rights and responsibilities. In exchange, the student will uphold and respect the guidelines established in the Triton Trust…

• I will practice integrity in my academic and personal endeavors.

• I will show respect for others, regardless of age, sex, religion, ethnic background and sexual orientation.

• I will strive to understand the differences in people, their ideas, and their opinions, while at the same time, setting aside my own prejudices.

• As I respect myself, I will respect the property of this campus and the property of others.

• I will act in such a way that is reflective of the ideals and principles of higher learning. Each student on this campus is a representative of Triton College, and therefore, should continuously strive to uphold and honor the goal of excellence in education established by this Trust. 


Student Code of Conduct

General Regulations

College regulations apply to a student when on college property or attending a class. The college applies disciplinary sanctions for violation of these regulations. Should an act violate both college regulations and public law, the student is subject to dual jurisdiction. Students also will be held responsible for actions of their guests. Non-student visitors to the campus are expected to comply with college regulations.

Academic Dishonesty – Written or other work a student submits in a course must be the product of his/her own efforts; plagiarism, cheating or other forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited.

False Information – A student shall not furnish false or misleading information to college officials.

Behavioral Misconduct – A student shall take no action which disrupts or tends to disrupt the peace or which endangers or tends to endanger the safety, health or life of any person.

Property Damage – A student shall take no action which damages or tends to damage public or private property not his/her own without the consent of the owner or person legally responsible.

Theft – A student shall not take without authorization property for his/her own without the consent of the owner or person legally responsible.

Alcohol and Drugs – A student shall not possess alcohol, i.e., beer or liquor, except in conformance with college policy. A student shall not manufacture, use, possess, sell, deliver or distribute any illegal or controlled drugs or substance except under the direction of a licensed physician.

Weapons/Firearms – A student shall not possess or use firearms, explosive devices or any other device classified as a weapon by the state of Illinois. Instruments used to simulate such weapons in acts which endanger or tend to endanger any person shall be considered weapons.

Use of Buildings – A student must observe the rules relating to the use of campus buildings and other college-owned, operated or approved facilities and services.


Policies and Procedures

False Reporting of Emergencies – The intentional false report of a bomb, fire or other emergency in any college facility or on property controlled by the college in any form – pull alarm, verbal, written, or otherwise – is prohibited.

Loitering – Congregating in areas, such as hallways, stairwells and doorways, so that it interferes with the free movement of others is prohibited.

Smoking – Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only. Violation of the campus smoking policy is prohibited.

Gambling – Gambling on campus grounds is prohibited.

Telephone Use – The unlawful use of college telephones is prohibited.

Keys – Using, possessing or making or causing to be made, any key(s) for any college building, room, facility or property – except as authorized – is prohibited.

Radio Playing – Loud playing of radio or other forms of amplification indoors that unreasonably disturbs or disrupts others is prohibited unless such action is sponsored by the college, or a club or organization thereof.

Posting of Material – Posting of material must be pre-approved by the Office of Student Life and must follow the guidelines outlined in the Permit for Posting Signs, Poster and Banners Board Policy no. 5731.

Public Assembly – Assembly on campus for the purpose of group protests or demonstrations requires a permit, which is to be approved by the Vice President of student affairs and the chief of campus police no later than 24 hours preceding the planned demonstration. ONLY Triton College students and/or staff are eligible to file for a permit to assemble: Protests/Demonstrations Board Policy no. 5730.

Computer Tampering – Theft or other abuse of computer time, including but not limited to unauthorized entry into a file, to use, read or change the contents or for any other purpose, is prohibited.

Identification Cards – College identification cards may not be transferred or altered. Students shall show the identification card when requested to do so by a faculty or staff member when they identify themselves and state the reason of their request. Any person who does not have an identification card in possession but is an enrolled student at Triton College will be issued a warning to obtain one. Any non-student will be requested to leave campus provided that they are not a visitor approved by the college.

Visitor Pass – Any student who wishes to bring a guest on campus for non-college sponsored activities may do so provided that a visitors’ pass has been obtained in the office of the Dean of Student Services.

Classroom Disturbance – Classroom disturbances which interfere with the educational process are prohibited.

Financial Obligations – A student is responsible for making certain that his/her financial obligations to the college are met.

Compliance – A student must comply with oral or written directives from any person who is duly authorized by the Board of Trustees or college president to enforce the policies and procedures described in this handbook.

Obligation to Public Law – A student attending a function as an official representative of the college is expected to behave appropriately and abide by applicable laws. At all times and places, a student is subject to public laws, which the Triton Police Department, among other law enforcement agencies is empowered to enforce.


(found in the Triton College Student Handbook)