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Rehabilitation Aide Program

The Rehabilitation Aide program provides individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to safely and effectively provide rehabilitative/restorative therapies under the supervision of a physical therapist or occupational therapist. Aides assist therapists in moving patients, positioning patients for specific exercises, and supporting them in the performance of those exercises. Aides may be asked to perform other tasks, such as booking appointments, doing clerical work, keeping the therapy area safe and uncluttered, and maintaining equipment used in the therapy process.

This program builds upon the basic nurse aid skills to create a person with advanced skills. To receive a Rehabilitation Aide Certificate you must successfully complete the following:
   • Certified Nursing Assistant
   • Physical Therapy Aid

After completing the program employment can be found in outpatient sports medicine complexes, private physical therapist’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and chiropractic offices.

The Program
This is a two part program which consists of a student completing the Nurse Assistant program and then the Physical Therapy Aide program in a sequential format. The student will complete the Nurse Assistant program then enroll in the Physical Therapy Aide program to complete the Rehabilitation Aide Program.

The Rehabilitation Aide works under close supervision of a physical therapist, occupation therapist or rehab team member to prepare the patient, administer treatment therapy and maintain treatment area. Other responsibilities will be to prepare, clean and maintain work area and disinfect equipment after treatment. The Rehab Aide will also transport patients to and from treatment areas, using wheelchairs or providing standing support. There may be duties to perform clerical duties; take inventory, order and stock supplies, answer telephone, take messages and complete forms.
The Nurse Assistant course is designed to prepare qualified individuals to work as nursing assistants in long-term care facilities (nursing homes), home health settings and hospitals, under the direction of a registered nurse.
The course of study (165 hours of training) provides opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills used by nursing assistants.
Upon successful completion of program the student is eligible to take the Illinois Nurse Aide Test which is required for certification by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). This course is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health.
The Physical Therapy Aide program prepares the student to take the responsibility of carrying out the non-technical duties of physical therapy, such as preparing treatment areas, ordering devices and supplies, and transporting patients working under the direction of the physical therapist.
The student will learn to assist physical therapists in providing services that help improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease.
Upon completion of the program students may be employed in nursing homes, hospitals, sports rehabilitation center and some orthopedic clinics.  Click here for more information about the Physical Therapy Aide program.

The Cost of the Program:

Basic Nurse Assistant - NAS 100
In-District Tuition: $721* (books not included in the course)
Out of District Tuition: $1,881.16* (books not included in the course)

Physical Therapy Aide
Tuition: $999.00* (books included in the cost of the course)

* = Additional college registration and technology fees may apply.

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