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See Something, Say Something
The Triton College Police Department through their Committed to Public Safety motto has instituted the See Something, Say Something Campaign. This campaign was started because of the concerns of students and staff on the incidence and fear crime that was reported during a recent survey that was conducted by Triton College.

We want each and every person that is part of the Triton College community to call the Triton Police if they see something suspicious no matter how trivial it might seem. For example: A student sees a person taking pictures of video camera installations the college has. Please call, it might just be a video camera company taking pictures their newly installed cameras, then again it could be non-student planning an attack on the college.

So how do you notify the Triton College Police Department?
If you are close to N-Building go to the second floor and come to the PDs window.
The following are some ways to call:
   • Hallway and Office Phones: 11 or 3206
   • Cell Phones: (708) 456-6911 - Download this number in your cell phone today!
   • Blue Light Phones: Located at an entry door to every building - Push button and wait for response
   • Parking Lot Emergency Phones:
      • Near Palmer Street entrance in north parking lot by M-Building.
      • By the Baseball Field
      • South end of west campus by Hemingway Drive and Front Street
      • In front of N-Building by the Police Parking Area

Please, when you See Something, Say Something. Together we can reduce the incidence and fear of crime on campus.


Incident Reporting Form
Triton College now has an online link to report any College Rules and Regulations violations and/or criminal activity. This reporting can be done anonymously or you can identify yourself.

To access the Incident Reporting Form go to triton.edu, then scroll to the Current Students link and click on it. Scroll to the Student Services web page. On the left side of the page click on Dean of Students. In the gray box, click on the Incident Reporting Form. Once there, fill in the blanks and send it.

Again, if you want to remain anonymous, you can. Remember the Police Department wants you to See Something, Say Something! This way we can reduce the incidence or fear of crime together.

Triton College Police Department: Committed to Public Safety