Crisis Management

Crisis Management Team (CMT)

The purpose of the Crisis Management Team (CMT) is to educate the campus community on proactive measures to mitigate the probability of a crisis. The team will forecast, evaluate, recommend, and implement comprehensive strategies that identify safety and security concerns that meet the needs of the campus community.

Crisis Management Team Members
Quincy Martin III, (Co-Chair), Associate V.P., Student Affairs
Jeff Sargent (Co-Chair), Chief of Police
Kathy Cunningham, Faculty Counselor
Michael Garrity, Associate V.P., Information Services
John Hansen, Deputy Chief of Police
Mary Jeans, Director of Professional Development Center
William Justiz, Faculty, Adjunct - EMS/Emergency Management
John Lambrecht, Associate V.P., of Facilities
Jackie Marx, Director of Health Services
Alicia Roberson, Public Relations Writer
Sam Tolia, Director of Marketing
Johnny Urbina, Director of Student Services
Corey M. Williams, Dean of Student Services

Emergency Response Guide:
This guide is available to all Faculty, staff and students of Triton College. It provides general information on common emergency situations and provides guidance for the actions of citizens during these situations.

The emergencies presented in this guide are not all inclusive of every emergency situation that might occur, however, certain actions are common to most emergencies. Calm, decisive actions based upon common sense will normally be the correct course to provide for personal safety, to prevent property damage, and to prevent a situation from deteriorating.

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

The purpose of the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is to serve as the primary resource for proactively addressing student behavioral concerns that may result in risk of harm to self or others, or behaviors that significantly disrupt the learning environment.

BIT Members
Corey M. Williams, Dean of Student Services (Chair)
Silvia Donatelli, Counselor
Deborah Ford, Center for Access and Accommodative Services
Greg Bednar, Police
Dora Abbruscato, Student Services

Emergency Notification System

Reporting an Emergency

   • Triage: Building Safety Managers
   • Center for Access and Accommodative Services
   • Counseling
   • Dean of Student Services
   • Health Services
   • Police Department
   • Incident Reporting Form
   • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
   • Student Assistance Plan (SAP) 

Crisis Management Quarterly Meeting Minutes for 2014-2015
 September 3, 2014
 December 10, 2014
 March 4, 2015
 June 3, 2015

Crisis Management Quarterly Meeting Minutes for 2013-2014
 September 4, 2013
 November 14, 2013
 December 4, 2013
 February 5, 2014
 March 11, 2014
 April 10, 2014
 May 7, 2014 

Crisis Management Quarterly Meeting Minutes for 2012-2013
 September 5, 2012
 December 5, 2012
 February 6, 2013
 March 26, 2013 
 May 8, 2013

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