Meet Our Faculty

Adapting to the U.S. upon her arrival from Yugoslavia as a Fullbright Scholar should have been easy. Even though Dubravka Juraga had already earned a college degree -- the first person in her family to do so -- she encountered first-hand the bewilderment many newcomers face when navigating a new culture and learning how to do simple things, such as paying an electric bill. This experience profoundly influenced her understanding of how difficult college can be for students of different backgrounds and shaped her perspectives on the role she plays in student success. "Students can be intimidated and nervous until they become comfortable in a new culture or in a new environment. I broaden their horizons by showing them how the library, its books, databases and other resources we have can help them achieve their educational goals."

In addition to her outpost at the library's reference desk, Juraga successfully combines her passion for helping students with her enthusiasm for information technology and the Internet. For over a decade, Juraga has been actively involved in bridging the digital divide, including working for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Library Program) in New York and developing online resources about what the Triton library has to offer. She created and now manages the library's Facebook page, writes a library blog and has developed a series of LibGuides (a Web 2.0 content management tool) that provides virtual gateways to high-quality resources on various topics for students and faculty.

Now marking her fourth year at Triton, Juraga believes the assistance Triton offers beyond the classroom makes a huge impact on students' success. "What we offer comes at the beginning of their professional life. We are laying the foundation for their future accomplishments. We are here to make it possible for them to succeed."