Online Learning

Dear Student:

Most of Triton College online courses are in Blackboard, however, some courses may be in a different online learning system. Please verify your class below and if not listed, select the Blackboard Portal link otherwise select the appropriate.
Portal Link LMS Description Need help?
Blackboard Portal - Online Courses:
Credit, Enhanced, or Hybrid
708 456-0300
Ext. 3361 or 3039
NTER Portal - IGEN Career Pathways:
The Illinois Green Economy Network
888 767-5894  
ED2GO Portal - School of Continuing Education:
Triton College's online continuing education courses
708 456-0300
Ext. 3500
The following courses do not utilize Blackboard:
  • Online courses-names that start with ONLE and ends in section 90, 91, 92, 93, 94 please select School of Continuing Education. (eg. ONLE10290)

  • The following online courses are not part of Blackboard, NTER or ED2GO.
    Please contact your instructor directly for login information and support.
        - HTH120-070
        - HTH120-071
        - All Online Math (MAT) Courses

  • For the following online courses please select the NTER Portal Link. Contact your instructor directly for login information and support. Or visit the NTER portal for assistance.
         - HRT 125-072 Plants and Society
  •      - BIS 105-070 Environmental Biology




Additional information:


Questions? Contact the ERTC @ (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3361 or 3039