Meet Our Faculty

Adjunct faculty for the Adult Education Department Peter Beata teaches language arts in Triton's GED preparation courses. The free classes help put students on track toward passing their GED test.

Beata acknowledges that it's not an easy decision for students to return to school to receive their GED. "They work full-time and have families to take care of that it makes it that more difficult to complete their GED preparation courses to prepare them for the GED test," he said. "I admire all of these students for having the desire to go for their GED certificate."

With that in mind, Beata provides a positive learning environment to help boost the confidence of his students. "I try to set up a comfortable atmosphere, where students aren't afraid to ask questions," he said. "Though students don't have to take our preparation courses to take the GED test, many find our courses beneficial in providing the discipline they need to succeed. They also appreciate knowing that there are other people in the same boat."