Academic Senate

Student Development Committee

A standing committee of the Academic Senate will be appointed for the express purpose of developing the campus environment as a means of increasing student sucess. The Student Development Committee is based upon the premise that the more time and effort students invest in the learning process, the greater will be their growth and achievement, their satisfaction with their educational experiences, and their persistence in reaching personal, academic, and career goals.

The committee, through a consensus building process, will work toward the development of a campus environment that promotes frequent faculty and student peer interactions, optimum use and awareness of campus resources and facilities and opportunities for involvement in student clubs and organizations.

The committee will review educational policy and practices, which impact student involvement in learning, and assess academic support services and co-curricular activities to determine the quality of student involvement. The Student Development Committee will present its recommendations to the Academic Senate for final action.

Name      Title    Department    Committee Member    Email Address
Larry McGhee   Full Time Faculty   Counseling   Chairperson of Committee
Sylvia Sztark   Full Time Faculty   Counseling   Faculty Member
Jennifer Giangrego   Full Time Faculty   English   Faculty Member
Gayle Kraenbuhl   Full Time Faculty   English/College Readiness   Faculty Member
Greg Catena   Full Time Faculty   Criminal Justice Administration   Faculty Member
Robert Jaimes   Full Time Faculty   Automotive Technology   Faculty Member
Alpha McMath   Full Time Faculty   English/College Readiness   Faculty Member
Carolyn Meanza   Adjunct Faculty   Adult Education   Adjunct Faculty Member
Ed Konstanty   Adjunct Faculty   Criminal Justice Administration   Adjunct Faculty Member
Dr. Amanda Turner   Dean Enrollment Services   Enrollment Services   Enrollment Services
Corey Williams   Dean Student Services   Student Services   Student Services

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