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Chargeback and Joint Agreement FAQs

What is a Chargeback/Joint Agreement?
As stated by the Illinois Public Community College Act of 1965, if a student desires a program not offered by their home community college, the student may be eligible for either the Chargeback or Joint Agreement program. This would allow the student to attend another Illinois public community college as an in-district student with proper documentation and approval.

When do I apply for Chargeback or Joint Agreement?
Applications for Chargeback must be filed with Triton College at least 30 calendar days prior to the official start of classes at the college the applicant plans to attend. If a student is applying for a selected admission type program, usually medical related, the student can show an acceptance letter if accepted after the 30 calendar day rule. Chargeback is valid for one academic year, usually consisting of Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions depending on the student’s Chargeback filing date. Chargeback must be renewed every Fall if the student wants to continue their program of study for another year.

What is the definition of a Program of Study?
A program is a sequence of courses that would lead a student to graduate with a certificate or associate degree which is publicized in the official catalog of an Illinois public community college and approved by the Illinois Community College Board and the Illinois State Board of Education. The student is allowed full and part time attendance. Individual courses, Adult Education, Continuing Education, and non-credit offerings are not considered programs for Chargeback approval.

How do I know if my program is offered at Triton College?
If a program is offered by Triton College, a Chargeback will not be authorized. Triton College will evaluate the student’s desired program and compare the curriculum with our available programs to consider approval for Chargeback. Also, if Triton College offers a similar program or has a Joint Agreement with an Illinois public community college, Chargeback will not be authorized.

What is the definition of a Triton College resident?
A resident is a person whose permanent residence has been determined to be within the Triton College District; Community College district #504. The student must provide documentation to prove residency. Acceptable forms: Driver’s license or State ID. If a student moves from Triton College district while on an approved Chargeback, the Chargeback will be valid only for the remaining unexpired semesters.

Note: If a student works in the Triton College district 35 hours or more a week, the student may be considered for in-district tuition. An “In-District Worker” form must be completely filled out and turned in to the Chargeback Office for consideration.

How about consideration for distance and inconvenience?
Distance and inconvenience are not legal grounds for approval of Chargeback. If a program is offered by Triton College or is covered under a Joint Agreement, this would consider the program available. Schedule conflicts such as time of day, day of the week, or semester offerings does not merit approval for Chargeback.

What happens if Triton College develops a similar program once I have started my Chargeback approved program?
If Triton College has authorized a Chargeback for the first year of a program in another district, and subsequently Triton College develops a comparable program, the student is not required to transfer back to Triton to complete the program. If a student should withdraw from a program requiring a Chargeback and Triton has implemented the same program, a Chargeback will not be renewed and the student must attend Triton.

How many Chargeback or Joint Agreement programs may I have at the same time?
A student can only be approved for either one Chargeback or one Joint Agreement program at any given time.

Triton College will audit each billing of Chargeback received. If any courses are charged to Triton College that are not part of the student’s program, these courses will not be honored for Chargeback. This will cause the student to be responsible for out-of-district tuition. Triton College will not pay for repeated, developmental, or pre-requisite courses.