Meet Our Students

For Mary Ann Lespinasse, third time's a charm! The mother of four yearned to get her college degree to serve as an example for her children and to better her life, but she constantly ran into obstacles that kept her from pursuing her dream.

From financial issues to family responsibilities, Lespinasse was unable to complete her studies twice. It wasn't until her third attempt that she received the support she needed through the Triton College Foundation that enabled her to pursue an associate's degree. She was awarded Triton's Mid-Manager's Association Union Scholarship.

"It was such a huge financial relief for me," she said. "And although I could not afford to pay the scholarship back, I thought anyway I could help was only proper, so I volunteered to help out during the golf outing for Triton's Foundation.

"I'm so thankful for this scholarship," she continued. "Now I'll be able to attend National Louis University to get my bachelor's."