Meet Our Faculty

Sometimes by simply providing students with the resources they need is vital in helping them achieve their goals. Accounting faculty member Julie Gilbert saw a need for her students to provide additional homework assistance, beyond what they were getting from the classroom. Gilbert started Homework Connection, which gave students the opportunity to study with the class instructor in attendance for help.

"It was a way to connect students with their homework, on-campus resources, other students studying the same subject and myself," she said. "Our students work hard and have busy lives outside of the classroom that it's important to make the resources they need to succeed accessible to them."

The sessions are held in a relaxed, casual atmosphere to encourage brainstorming and dialogue. "We've received a really good response from students," Gilbert said, as well as from other instructors who've begun something similar with their classes. "I have students who've said they might have dropped out of the class without these sessions to put them on the right path. I'm always looking for ways to motivate Triton's students."