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 Eye Care Assistant 
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Eye Care Assistant

The Opticianry field is fast growing and in constant need of qualified and valuable professionals. The Eye Care Assistant works in a rich environment that mergers the medical, technical, sale and fashion fields. The Eye Care Assistant Program at Triton prepares students to be extremely qualified to work in a variety of eye care settings in order to fit perfectly clients' lifestyle choices of eyewear, lenses, and contact lenses. From the optometrist office to independent eye boutiques, the Eye Care Assistant will advise clients on the perfect set of eyewear, teach patients how to use contact lenses, and help customers with repairs and adjustments.

Career Salary and Outlook:

• The median annual salary for eye care assistants is $34,840 per year - $16.75 per hour.
• Employment for eye care assistants is projects to grow 24% from 2014-2024, much faster than average career.
• Salary and out look information were obtained from the: Bureau of Labor Statistics,
(Please note: Salary is dependent on experience, level of skill and knowledge, eye care setting, and location.)  

Eye Care Assistant Courses

Semester One - Credit Hours

• AHL 110 Medical Coding and Office Procedures - 2

• EYE 100 Fundamentals of Optometric Technology - 4

• HTH 281 First Aid and CPR - 2

Semester Two - Credit Hours

• EYE 110 Optometric Assisting - 4

• Electives - 4

Total credits required for certificate - 16

Note: A minimum grade of "C" is required as a prerequisite for each EYE Course, AHL 110, and HTH 281.

For more information please contact, Maxime Haslett Brousse at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3928 or