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Nursing Admission Requirements

NOTICE: The nursing curriculum is under revision pending approval.

Nursing Curriculum Proposal Form  Nursing Curriculum Proposal Form

Admission Procedure for Nursing

  1. Attending an information session (Optional, but encouraged)
  2. Complete a Triton College Application. Click here!
  3. Complete a Nursing Application. Click here!
  4. Submit official transcripts from high school or GED
  5. Official transcript of completed college course work
  6. Take college placement test for math, reading, and writing; except when college transcripts show successful completion of college-level Math (within 5 years) and English courses

Nursing Prerequisites for Admission

Student must successfully complete all of the prerequisites for the nursing program before an application can be generated and before an applicant can be considered for the program.

TEAS Exam (Test of Essential Academic Skills)
This is the nursing preadmission exam. Triton College Testing Center is currently administering Version V form A of the TEAS Exam.

NOTE: The TEAS exam, if taken at another institution, must be submitted to the Testing Center (A-126) in order for it to be validated.

The TEAS Exam consists of four parts:

  • Reading (58 min/48 questions)
  • Math (51 min/34 questions)
  • Science (66 min/54 questions)
  • English/Language Usage (34 min/34 questions)
Students must obtain the following overall scores to qualify:
90.7 % = 4pts
78.0 % = 3pts
58.7 % = 2pts

An appointment is required for testing.


Applicants for admission taking the TEAS at Triton Colleges' Testing Center must:

  • Set up a student account at You must register online before you can take the test.
  • Schedule a test date and pay the test fee online. Applicants will not be permitted to register on the day of the examination.
  • Arrive at the Testing Center with receipt and proper ID (valid government-issued photo ID with a signature) on the scheduled testing dates. Students reporting without proper ID will be turned away and will be responsible for repaying and rescheduling for a new test. No admission will be allowed once the testing begins.

Applicants may purchase study materials from or Triton College bookstore. When ordering preparation material for the TEAS exam; please order for the 5.0 version of the test. Tutoring and Information Sessions are available at the Academic Success Center. Call 708-456-0300, ext. 3341 to schedule an appointment.


Retesting Information
Examinees will be able to take the test three times every two years. There is a 30-day waiting period between retakes. Triton College accepts passing TEAS scores from other colleges; test scores are valid for two years and must be valid on the date the application is submitted. Students may request a transcript of their scores from ATI at Any scores submitted will count as an attempt.

Additional Prerequisites
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology
RHT 101 Freshman Rhetoric & Composition I
BIS 136 Functional Human Anatomy I or BIS 240 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
Computer Proficiency or CIS 101 Introduction to Computer Science
CHM 110 Fundamentals of Chemistry or CHM 140 General Chemistry I
BIS 101 Human Biology
MAT 055 Algebra & Geometry I

Please note: ALL Math, Science and Allied Health classes expire 5 years from the time the courses were taken.

Applicants must achieve a minimum of 6 points and maximum of 10 to be considered for admission. The most highly qualified applicants will be accepted to fill the available seats. Applicants achieving 6 points or above may increase their potential for admission by completion of program gen-ed. requirements. The higher the overall points achieved, the greater the potential for admission.

College Academic History
Students have the ability to earn additional points based on their college history

.5 pt for no "D" or "F" college grade .5 pt Previously earned Associates Degree
.5 pt for no more than 1 semester of a "W" grade 1.0 pt previously earned Bachelor's Degree
(unlimited # in same semester) (highest degree only)


Nursing Program Gen-Eds
EDU 206 - Human Growth and Development
BIS 222 - Principles of Microbiology
SOC 100 - Introduction to Sociology
BIS 137/241 - Functional Human Anatomy II
Humanities (3 credits)
SPE 101 - Principles of Effective Speaking


  Nursing Allied Health Contacts

Attendance at an Information Session is ENCOURAGED in order to apply for admission to this program. By attending an information session, you will learn what is expected of you as an applicant, as well as the functionality of the program. For information on Information Session dates, times and locations, please contact (708) 456-0300 Ext. 3545.

Applicants should not apply to any program until they have successfully completed the prerequisites for the program.

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