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Revamp College Success Course for 'At-Risk' Students

Scale UP College Success Course

Students who place in developmental courses are at the most risk of discontinuing their education. College success courses are designed to prepare students to be successful in college, learn the essential study skills and become acquainted with the campus etc.

In fall 2014, the college piloted 5 sections of COL 102 course to the at-risk student population defined by those who place in two or more developmental courses. In spring 2015, 3 pilot sections were selected for this intervention. Preliminary results from an end-of-course survey shows positive feedback from students. The evaluation data from fall 2014 shows that 86 % of COL102 pilot students were retained to enroll in one or more credit courses in spring 2015, compared to 70% of other students, and 82 % of pilot students successfully completed their other courses they were enrolled in fall 2014, compared to 55% of other students. Bases on the promising results of this pilot, the college is now in the process of scaling up the COL 102 course by adopting an evidence-based, diagnostic and proactive approach that utilizes students’ non-cognitive skills. Driven by the research findings regarding the relationship between non-cognitive skills and college retention, a board policy has been adopted that requires students with low non-cognitive skills to take this course as an articulated elective course.

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